Sonakshi Sinha – Weight loss story

Let’s get into Sonakshi Sinha story. There was a time when Sonakshi Sinha used to weigh 90 kgs and nowhere in her wildest imagination would she have wondered of ever becoming an actress. But she did and what an actress she has blossomed into!!!! This has all been made possible by her hard work and determination but credit must go to her mentor, Salman Khan as well for without his timely guidance she would never have reached where she is today. For it was none other than Salman Khan who inspired her to lose over 30 kgs in a matter of two years and the result is there for everyone to see.

Unlike her contemporaries like Deepika, Anushka, Sonakshi was never blessed with a petite frame. She was obese and didn’t care two hoots about it. A pampered upbringing and a sedentary lifestyle made her put on weight which she didn’t bother to rectify even. However, it was her mentor Salman Khan who reprimanded her on being obese and not being serious about her body even after being a fashion designing student. Salman Khan who had sensed the acting spark in Sonakshi took her under his wings and under his rigorous supervision, she lost about 30 kgs before Dabbang happened. Inside sources claim that Salman had made a deal with Sonakshi wherein the condition was that she had to lose about 20 kg in a year and if she were to do that, she would be offered the lead role. Sonakshi took on the challenge, lost weight, bagged the role and stormed the box office with her magic and charisma.

15601324404_daac0bff9c_bPost the release of R. Rajkumar, Sonakshi enlisted the help of Shahid Kapoor’s personal trainer and since then she has transformed into a gorgeous woman with absolutely no trace of flab going by the recent pictures posted by her on Instagram. Sonakshi has been working out rigorously since November and now she boasts of a well-toned body and a fabulous figure to boot. The same fashion police, who at one point of time were hounding her for her bad fashion choices are now going gaga over her new look. Today, the actress is a regular at Bollywood parties, red carpet events and promotional tours and wherever she is going, she is garnering praise by the bucketfuls.

The Filmfare 2014 June cover had her looking sensuous and recently too when she unveiled the latest edition of the Women’s Health magazine, she was looking slender and stylish. At the event, she was reported saying that she is one of those persons who hate gymming. But she was determined to get that dream body and with a lot of determination, she achieved it. Today the 31-year-old is happy with her body and happy with the way she has lost weight. She further said that she was not influenced by people’s perception of how an actress should look like but rather that the urge to lose weight came from within her selves and how she needed it.

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