Spending the ‘me’ time!



People say, man is a social animal! Indeed he is!But do we not need to introspect, dive into the realms of our originality and take some time out for ourselves?

Often people are sacred to sit alone and think about what is the real! What are they actually doing with their lives ? Where is their life heading ? Are they happy? Do they feel satisfied with what they have achieved? Or how they are going to fulfill their dreams ? Answers to all such questions can be moving and strikingly awakening sometimes. They can also be relishing and rejoicing hearts.

Spending sometime alone will help you : 

  • Analyze your current phase.
  • Realize what is actually making you happy or sad.
  • Get closer to yourself .
  • Contemplate about your wishes dreams and desires.
  • Effectively plan for tomorrow.
  • Assess your present.
  • Appreciate what you have.
  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself.
  • Control your brain, calm down any negative emotions.
  • Instill faith and bring you closer to god.

A simple breathing exercise will help you with your ‘me’ time.

  1. Breathe deeply down to your belly for a few breaths, and relax yourself.
  2. Imagine a bright yellow circle in the mid of your forehead, betwixt your brows. It is often known as the circle of activation.
  3. Imagine that it is pulsating with power and bright sun rays.
  4. Concentrate on that circle and breathe in slowly.
  5. Imagine as to what is blocking your happiness or what are you wanting to create in your life.Breathe in deeply while you think of the purpose of you performing this exercise.
  6. Now hold for a second. Calm. Feel patience, strength and support from the supreme.
  7. Release slowly, release out with any negative emotions that you think are blocking your pathway to success. Breathe out slowly.
  8. Do this 15-20 times. It should take approx 8-10 minutes.
  9. And them simply breathe in and out for sometime. Try to get in tune with the rhythm of your breathing.

Practice this once a day.

This exercise will surely help you with the me time that you spend and flush out negativity from your body. It will help you instigate energy flow and initiate positivity and optimism in your body and heart.

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