Stages of writing an article



For someone who started off just for the  fun of it- and then figured out that writing is all I could really do, life so far, has been pretty interesting.

Writing, much like anything, is pretty difficult- a fact, most everyone doesn’t seem to comprehend.

We are like potters- our clay is a chunk of words, with which we then  have to- with careful treading, and mindfulness- make something that is usable, beautiful, proportionate and adequate.

Sounds real deep, doesn’t it?

Nah. I’m just messing with you. I mean sure, most of us do write like that- but the process of coming up with such complicated wording and the unnecessary usage of gargantuan expressions along with idiomatic English and grammatical correctness- do you see what I did there- is actually pretty simple.

Stages of writing an article( you can correlate these principles to your life too)-

  1. Picking a topic.
  2. Googling the topic.
  3. Eating lunch, dinner, pre and post midnight snacks all at once, brainstorming.
  4. Getting nowhere with brainstorming.
  5. Getting bored.
  6. Eating everything you see.
  7. Procrastination.
  8. Suddenly remembering of being invited to your fictional husband’s, boss’s, sister’s, dog’s wedding.
  9. Attending that wedding,and completely forgetting about the article.
  10. Knowing you’ve forgotten about the article, and choosing to ignore it anyway.
  • Contemplating your life choices, demanding of the universe as to why it is so ridiculous and unfair.
  • Copious amounts of sleep.
  1. Waking up and realising that the article is due today.
  • Panicking slightly.
  • Panicking a little bit more.
  1. Apologising to your mom and finally sitting at your desk and beginning.
  • Typing so fast and vociferously, hoping and praying that the usage of big words, might compensate for a certain missing a’s and the’s.
  1. Finishing your article.
  2. Crying, because you have to edit it.
  3. Realising that after editing- all you’re basically left with is prepositions and adverbs.
  • Crying some more.
  1. Getting up to get to your bedroom window, and looking outside dramatically, waiting for a higher power to guide you through.
  2. Realising that ‘God helps those, that help themselves’.
  • Hurrying to your desk, and rewriting some of the edited material.
  1. Pushing yourself to get to the finish line.
  2. Making a mental note of wanting to be a better person- and making yourself a healthy salad as your first step towards a new you.
  • Immediately disliking the salad, but never admitting it, and continuing to write, until you’re all done.
  1. Almost forgetting to save it.
  2. Saving it.
  • Sending it.
  1. Wait for feedback- at this point,  having searched “healthy alternatives for salad” on Google.
  • Getting a feedback- that is not as bad as you thought it be.
  • Promising yourself to never put yourself through that again.




  • Repeating the whole process for submission of the next article.




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