How to Stop Being Obsessed About That Guy!

Stop Being Obsessed About That Guy!

I know you have a huge crush on him, but I hope you are not crushing every possibility with your obsession.

Yes, I know it’s that feeling which makes you restless, sleepless and, sometimes, even mindless too. You need to put excruciating effort to not thinking about that guy, to not analyzing his every facial feature like you are the next Da Vinci and he is your Monalisa. And if you are lucky enough to interact with him a couple of times, no wonder you freefall for him the rest of the time. If you are luckiest enough to be into a relationship with that handsomest guy on earth then you can pretty much ignore this article. But if you still have not received any positive sign from that special one, but cannot stop obsessing about him then, definitely, this article will help you to find some balance.

So, how to stop being obsessed about your big time crush?


No social media stalking

So you follow him in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. Your day starts and ends with keeping a diary of his activity schedule. Whose photos he likes, what is his latest favorite playlist, which movies he prefers, whom he flirts with and every minute details of his social media activity. It’s like your personal brand of heroine. It’s time to stop that. Would you like to be called a stalker?


Go for a solo or group trip

Stop Being Obsessed About That Guy!

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You are no less beautiful than that handsome. Find back your self-confidence by going for a solo trip. Exploring new places, meeting new people help a lot in putting our concentration on a particular person.


Find other male friends to spend time with

The moment you do that, you will realize that he is not the last guy on earth who is drool-worthy. I am not asking you to start your day with a guy and end it with another one, but it’s just that you do not stop meeting your male friends. We are naturally not gifted with a one-track mind. Hence do not stop exploring the opportunities coming in your way.


Bond more with family and girlfriends

Stop Being Obsessed About That Guy!

Instagram Account: kreshabajaj

Possibly, the best way to get over any type of obsession is to spend quality time with the people close to you. It can be your BFF or your mom or siblings. The point is to get rid of your loneliness. Empty minds find ways to keep it busy and obsessing is a common way.


Engage yourself with work or hobby

Find a new hobby. If you are not working then join a company. Start freelancing. These will help you grow as a person and keep your mind engaged.


Read the latest bestsellers

Stop Being Obsessed About That Guy!

Reading is one of the greatest ways to divert your find from something. Drown yourself in books and you will rediscover yourself.

And, most importantly, obsessing about someone is giving that person the power to control your life. Would you prefer giving away the remote control of your life to a stranger?

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