How to stop being taken for granted in a relationship?

While a new relationship may be all nice and great at the start, after the initial honeymoon phase wears out, it gets really difficult for people to maintain the same spark for a long time. This paves the way for monotony and hence the higher chances of you being taken for granted in the relationship. This is perhaps the worst feelings that you don’t feel much valued by your partner. How to stop being taken for granted in the relationship is something that you will have to consciously work on. No matter what people claim about their feelings for you, you cannot ignore how they make you feel. The latter is truer than the former and you shouldn’t be manipulated into believing that everything is alright when something definitely feels off to you.

5 Smart Ways to make a man realise that he should not take you for granted

At the start, he took care of every little thing, said or unsaid and you couldn’t ever imagine being in the position that you are in today where you have to be fighting for his attention. If you have been driven to the point of believing that nothing that you do will get him back to his original state with you then you should be doing what you feel is the best for you. In case you still want to give him a fair chance and be a little more stronger in putting forwards you viewpoint, here are the things that you could do so that he does not take you for granted.


Try cutting him off on all virtual platforms


Have you always been available to him? You must have given him all your attention and been there for him whenever he needed you. That’s how all relationships should be, shouldn’t it? But here’s the catch. The more available you are, the more a man realises that you are not the prize anymore that he had to work so hard for. Give him the taste of his own medicine by pretending to not care about him for some time. Make yourself unavailable and he will realise that you are slowly moving away from him.


Start caring for yourself more than him

 5 Smart Ways to make a man realise that he should not take you for granted

Women tend to have a more compassionate side than men in general. Your care and adaptability to his convenience all the time makes him get too comfortable with the current state of affairs. Here is where you need to give yourself a break from being the sufferer all the time. Care about yourself, your needs should any day be important if not more important. He finds your emotional availability and selflessness to be normal and doesn’t realise that you give up on your needs at times to cater to his. Give him some space and stop doing what you normally do for him and then he would realise your importance and how dependent he is on you to take you for granted.


Socialise without him


Just because he tags along everywhere with you, that’s doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some space and be available for other people in your life. Go out without him for a change. Make him understand that you can have fun without him around you all the time. This would immediately threaten him. Chances are he will realise the importance that you give him in your life and would stop taking you for granted. Maintaining some distance from him and doing what you have been avoiding ever since you got into a relationship will definitely put some sense into his about your standing in his life.


Have your say in situations than letting him be in charge


All this while if you have been the person who has let the guy take charge of things about everything concerning the relationship as well as your individual choices, then you should now consider having your say and doing things that you feel are great for you instead of waiting for him to be the decision maker all the time. This will be a big jolt for him because he would never imagine that you would speak up and assert your opinions which is why he took you for granted in the first place.


Cancel plans with him


Were you always available to him at his beck and call? No matter how casual he would be about plans with you, you would get all excited and end up being there on time and make all the effort to get dressed and look good for him. Start cancelling on plans for a change. Do things that show him your unavailability. This will make him uncomfortable about what you are up to. If he is still into you, he will get affected and stop twice about taking you for granted again. If not, then you have a clear picture of where you stand in his life and make a wiser decision about moving on.

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