How to stop power struggle in relationship?

How to stop power struggle in relationship?

Power struggle is a common problem in relationships; however, neither it is a healthy symptom nor does it lead toward any positive outcome. Therefore, it has to be stopped anyhow at the first onset of its appearance.

It is really not an easy going job to stop power struggle in a relationship, but where “there is a will, there is a way”. The power struggle can be controlled and stopped if you try diligently, sincerely, and with a positive bend of mind. Here goes some suggestions to stop power struggle that hampers the harmony of a relationship.


  • Introspect About the Need of the Relationship

Every relation has a need to fulfill and your relationship is no exception to that rule. If you feel the threat of power struggle her you need to closely analyze first if the need of the relationship is being satisfied. If there is no satisfaction in it, the problem of power struggle will automatically get induced here.

If you are feeling frustrated and there is no mutual harmony in your relationship, it is time to rejuvenate. You must build trust and reliance on each other so that power struggle can be controlled.


  • Be Realistic

How to stop power struggle in relationship?

We often daydream and compare our situation with some filmy sequence. We fail to perceive the fact that nobody is perfect. The same problem may infest your relationship where you forget what you are actually and expect more than your legitimate expectation. The problem may come as vice versa, but in both the ways the relationship starts facing turmoil.

Unconditional desire to give and expect less is the mantra of ending power struggle in a relationship. However, you need to be active on your part to stop this emotional tussle with a realistic approach to stop the tug-of-war: it may spoil the mutual understanding or human attraction between that keep a relationship lively.


  • Let Go Ego: Live and Let Live

How to stop power struggle in relationship?

If we closely watch some random episodes of power struggle in a relationship, we will find that the main villain of the conflict stories is ego. If you are suffering from a power struggle issue in your relationship, here also ego is playing the dominant role. This is the point where you should intervene and control our behavior.

Controlling ego and giving up the mentality to boss over partner can be the best solution to stop power struggle.


  • Respect and Appreciate

How to stop power struggle in relationship?

Every relationship is unique. But, one thing is found common in very relationship that makes it positive is the feeling of mutual respect and appreciation. In fact mutual respect and appreciation are the two factors that can make a relationship symbiotic (dependent on each other). A symbiotic relationship hardly involves a power struggle in it.


  • Don’t Try To Win Over Every Argument

Conflict and arguments are the part and parcel of every relationship and the power struggle starts when you both start to win the situation. This is a great threat for the bonding. In these situations, if you can control arguments, you may stand as a loser, but ultimately you will be able to save the bitterness from setting in.

If you can resist bitterness to set in, you can be rest assured that you have won half of the battle with power struggle.

It is not easy to control power struggle unless you take active interest to mend your relationship. Power struggle is a great threat for maintaining balance in human relation. Following these tips you will be able to stop power play and related conflict from ruining your personal bonding with your partner.



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