Storm: A short video on The ravages of domestic violence that kills a woman’s integrity

The main idea behind the video is “Domestic Violence”.

How a woman imagines her world to be after she ties the knot and how is she basically treated.

Happiness, excitement, joy that she wants to experience but what she gets in return is somewhat depicted in the video. Women faces typical backlash in majority of the household for not complying with the needs that her man orders. But why woman has to face, why only her?

Why does she always have to suppStorm: A short video on The ravages of domestic violence that kills a woman's integrityress her wish of wearing short clothes, if talk about in particular, just for the sake of her partner’s satisfaction. Compromise has become an integral part of daily routine of a woman. She gives up every hope to become a “Wife” Material, giving up on her aspiration to party late night, sacrificing the job she craved for. And if she protests she faces flak. Moreover abuse is physical, mental and emotional. The trauma of being slaughtered by the hands of the man she looks up to, is something that puts her in agony.

Domestic violence is the core agenda behind the video. In which the she describes her imagination, of a world where she can be treated with joy, happiness and a life full of colour and excitement. But It is just her imagination that we have portrayed in the video. She wants to live, love, dance, merry and feel what every happy person is feeling, but everything is just her figment of imagination which breaks at the end.