Straight women touching the vagina of other straight women!

It’s hard to imagine a straight woman touching and feeling the pum-pum of another straight woman for the first time! As gross as it sounds, an experiment conducted on straight women who were asked to touch another women’s vagina for the first time revealed the following results.

Women were actually nervous when they were asked to go through this particular ‘traumatic’ experience.

They said it felt warm, which was of course, the fact. But they also said that it was way less daunting than seeing and touching a penis. None of them developed feelings for the same sex. So whoever feels if you touch a vagina, apart from your own and turn gay, you wouldn’t! We all have organs and we all have different parts of the body so there’s nothing wrong in exploring your body or, say, another girl’s. It’s not a matter of shame or guilt. It’s not at all scary to touch another girl’s bottom.

According to me, things would have apparently been different if straight men were asked to touch straight women’s vagina. You know what I mean, right? (Wink)



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