Strategies to Motivate Your Child

We all have heard about ‘positive reinforcement’ before, but do we understand what impact can it make? Or do we know how to use it rather than being a badgering parent to a principal motivator? We all wish to jump the lobby of positivity when it comes to our child but we all have been there when we totally lost our calm and cool.

Contrary to what society makes you want to think, your child is no exception or has no disorder. You are not alone when it comes to the puzzling behavior of a child, all he needs is the right guidance and encouragement to pick up the habits you want or let go of ones you don’t like.


Strategies to Motivate Your Child


There are numerous proven methods to help children to learn.



  • Develop Reading Habit


Unpopular opinion may question reading habit being vital to success but it certainly is a contributing factor to good learning. Children with enthusiasm to read, progress to love for learning. Passion to read helps them to process ideas and develop formal interpersonal skills.

Reading should be a fun activity rather than a source of frustration or burden.



  • Let the Child feel in Command


It is important to monitor children from end to end in the learning process. However, they should not feel overly controlled otherwise they withdraw from learning. It is important to give children the freedom to choose their learning experience. For instance, whether at home or school, if he has to complete a writing assignment, let him choose the topic he wants to write about. This helps them become more involved and motivated and drives their self-assurance.



  • Appreciate  and Rejoice their Endeavors


Your child deserves a pat on the back for the smallest of his efforts. Be it as simple as picking up after he is finished with his dinner, or has completed his homework. A slight incentive helps the child to carry on with the preferred behaviors.  

It is essential to acknowledge and celebrate because this instills the desire in them to do much better.



  • Embrace their imperfections


Every one of us has their flaws, but this doesn’t determine whether or not we will be successful in our lives. We all want our kids to be their best, but does that mean they have to be the best? You need to have cooperate quotes and mindset to their shortcomings.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

A child expects his parent to have a high regard for them, this is the reason why you have the rare opportunity to help them in finding who they really are. We all are part of the world where everyone is striving too hard to be perfect, or pushing to obtain the unattainable.

You need to encourage them to embrace who they are and what is their potential rather than pushing them to be someone they aren’t.



  • Create a Healthy Environment, Be a Listener


One of the most common blunders a parent can make is judging your child. When you criticize too much or critic everything that your child does, you are being a bully and the child becomes cautious of trying anything new and gets disheartened.

Study about the passions of your child and things that interest him. Be a good listener to absorb his fears, his struggles, and be compassionate towards his feelings.

Encouraging kids through rewards is the simplest of approach but doesn’t guarantee sustained performance in the absence of a reward. A child’s individual personality plays a dynamic role in determining their overall outlook, and their readiness to learn. A child with the right motivation and basic aptitude can become a good learner.

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