We all have enjoyed eating street foods at various times. A very health conscious person too, cannot sometimes stop himself from munching on the delicious street foods that India is famous for. Street foods are those food items that are sold in streets generally in public areas. They are also sold by hawkers, vendors or on small stalls along the roadside, the beach or in the market.

India is famous for a variety of street foods and every city has its own signature street food. Here are five famous cities of India and their mouth-watering street foods.

chole bature



  1. Chole Bhature: Delhi, the capital of India is popular for chole bhature. It is basically a Punjabi dish but people around the country love to eat this in breakfast or as a snack. Chole is prepared from soaked chickpea cooked with Indian spices and Bhature is prepared from refined flour ‘maida’. Maida is kneaded and big, thin circles are rolled out of small portions, somewhat like a ‘chapati’ but bigger and thinner. Then it is deep fried like Indian ‘poori’

indian street food


  1. Poha Jalebi: Poha is a simple dish made from ‘chura’ that is dipped in water for a few seconds and then cooked with veggies and spices. This poha is made special in Indore by its serving style. In Indore, poha is served with jalebi, sev and nukti. Poha jalebi from Indore is world famous. It is usually eaten for the breakfast or as a snack.

baati choha


  1. Litti Chokha: A mouth-watering street food from the capital city of Bihar, Patna. This street food is so famous that it finds a place amongst many other dishes in big restaurants. This is also one of the most preferred snacks for different occasions like wedding, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Litti is made from flour kneaded and shaped into hollow circles. The flour is then stuffed with ground gram ‘sattu’ and spices. Litti is cooked on flames in oven or deep fried in oil. It is served with mouth-watering ‘chokha’ made from boiled potatoes, brinjals and tomatoes. Litti chokha is usually topped with pure ghee for extra flavour.



  1. Aloo Tikki: Lucknow is very famous for its Aloo-tikki though, it is widely eaten all over India and known with different names such as ragda patties in Mumbai. Aloo-tikki is made from boiled potatoes and spices and served with delicious sauces.

vada pav


  1. Vada Pao: Mumbai has found the Indian version of burger in form of Vada Pao. Vada is potato dumpling and Pao is a regular bun. The bun is cut into two halves from middle and the potato dumpling is served inside it. It is topped with chutneys such as red chutney and green chutney.


I am sure, by now you are smacking your tongue on your lips. So what are you waiting for? Try these delicacies of India that can be found on streets at a very affordable price. Though, you may find these snacks around India, do not forget to taste it, if you visit the cities they originate from. HAPPY MUNCHING!

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