Stress and Working Women in India

One of the major factors involved in India’s economic growth is seeking the talent in females and utilizing it in best possible manner. However, in recent years, this trend has changed drastically.

What Statistical survey says?

Stress and Working Women in India

According to “Women of Tomorrow”, survey showed that out of 21 nations and 6500 women, India is leading nation when it comes to stress for women. About 87% of women were stressed most of their time and 82% claimed that they did not find time to relax. The reason behind it is that Indian women have to play different roles in daily life i.e. work and home related activities. Career opportunities for Indian women are increasing but social norms and family expectations are the root cause of this stress.

Who are most affected?

Women aging from 22 years to 55 years are the most stressed and struggling hard to balance their home lives, social activities and job. Outdated family structures have an uneven effect on the lives of Indian women. This also includes women from urban areas who are highly educated and probably the first one in their family to go for professional career. The research conducted revealed that most of the women woke up as early as 4:30am in the morning, preparing breakfast for in-laws, children and husband and going for work, all day long. After returning home, they have to prepare dinner for family and clean up their home.

Is society responsible?

Stress and Working Women in India

Determined women felt that they have to overwork in order to tell the world about their capabilities and meet their family needs. It is a common perception that women work until they are married and considered as she is no longer source of income. However, long hours at work (overtime as well) and undertaking business trips are commonly practiced by Indian women in order to prove their capabilities and making best use of education.

Majority of companies have stepped out to help stressed women and Infosys in this regard is worth to mention. They engage women to work in a friendly environment and pursue the stress point that forces women to leave the organization. Survey showed that women who got married left their job. The number was surprisingly high after giving birth to first child. For this purpose, Infosys hosted 1 year child care leave along with part time work for next two years. Further debates with women helped in recognizing how organization can help them to maintain balance in work and home life. Women are asked about three things that can improve the working environment in Infosys and make it easy for them to carry on with their jobs.

Indian Women are playing major roles in the field of finance, pharmaceutical research and other activities that can result in growth of India’s economy. Helping to ease the stress helps them to retain in big and small companies and make a major contribution in economy growth and attaining key talent. Although it is not sure, whether this role will contribute in ongoing economic success but not doing will surely limit it.


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