What stresses you out based on your Zodiac signs!

Did you know that often times your main reason for stressing can be just one particular cause which if checked can help you in reducing your stress levels to a great extent?

Your zodiac says a lot about all the singular factors that may be causing you stress.

Read on to find out:

 What stresses you out based on your Zodiac signs!


Aries needs to be the best at everything and hence can’t let people down. You stress about having performed poorly say in a presentation you make before a large group of people or of not having impressed the guests with the house party you threw on the occasion of your birthday.

Aries you need to relax and understand that you can’t perfect everything. It is alright to not be able to please everyone with regard to everything.

Instead of stressing about something you aren’t too good at, try and work on and improve your skills on something you excel at, knowing that letting people down once in a while is natural.


You need to be comfortable with change, Taurus. While order is your thing, being the practical minded organized sign you are, sometimes going with the flow shouldn’t be much of a problem; don’t stress over it.

It’s okay if once in a while you cannot stick to your routine and end up digressing. Change is the law of nature. Learn to accept it Taurus and move ahead having an open mind instead of stressing over the slight wanderings.


You don’t like to stay alone, because you have a lot of things going in your head all the time, which does nothing to help you relax. You need to share; you need to exhaust both your physical and mental energy. Just because you are unable to stay alone, it doesn’t mean that you always need to surround yourself with people or socialise day in and day out. You would need to keep a journal, so that instead of letting thoughts stack up in your head, you could jot them down somewhere Gemini, to avoid stressing yourself out too much. You’ll have a friend in your diary.


Gossip, issues between your friends stress you out because you are so caring, warm and empathetic that you tend to feel what your friends are feeling when they fight, argue or keep from talking to one another.

You just want to restore the peace or it messes with your head. Cancer, you must stop worrying so much on behalf of others and look after your own needs first. Everything will fall in place at the right time.


What stresses you out based on your Zodiac signs!

Cancer craves security. It needs to know that everything is its place, that friends aren’t nurturing grudges. You are not unconfident. You are peace loving and you want to feel secure in relationships, at home and elsewhere.

However Cancer, in order to avoid stressing from feeling insecure, you must meditate. It will help you relax and prevent you from worrying unnecessarily.


They are the life of the party and have the mind to have fun. They bag jobs because they want to earn enough to spend enough. So Leo gets really stressed out when the work pressure is high and their skills are put to test through presentations that they are asked to make and meetings they are asked to preside in.

It makes them have to be serious and work extremely hard to fair well. It is also more frustrating because they don’t want to leave any loose ends. They love to be appreciated.


You love to perfect the things you have in your hand, very practical and precise; you Virgo are great at getting your job done and acing it most of the times. But the problem is you cannot handle the spotlight. You stress over having to perform in front of a large mass when you realise that all eyes are on you. You worry about making an impression. Making an impression and seeking widespread appreciation in public isn’t your thing.

You look to work from behind the door and feel content within yourself for having aced your job. However, Virgo you can avoid stressing over public appearance by relaxing and pretending to be confident and self assured before people, as much as you are behind them.


You strive for balance Libra. You can’t function where there is injustice or disharmony. In fact even when you indirectly experience situations of discord and injustice you are driven to frustration. You like to live in peace and in order to avoid any kind of turmoil you will stress about bringing the perfect balance to things. You should just learn to let go and look at the brighter side of things, being the optimist that you are. This shall help you get on with crappy situations.


What stresses you out based on your Zodiac signs!

You distrust people to an extent that you constantly stress about being stabbed in the back, cheated on and fearing that something or the other will go wrong. You should confess your paranoia to your closest ones and hear them from as to whether your trust issues are legitimate. Don’t worry about the bad things that haven’t yet Scorpio. You’re going to be just fine.


Sagittarius you’re impatient and always on the go. You don’t like to be held down. Responsibility to you of a 9 to 5 job or of commitment can really freak you out.

But don’t stress Sagi. You can always use your wild imagination and the spirit of adventure in your work front and relationships to reap amazing results. You might want to surprise your employee by applying new and creative techniques to the old, hackneyed processes and surprise your partner by joining a guitar class, just when you feel like it.


Don’t stress yourself out so much that you forget to laugh at yourself Capricorn. Everything about life isn’t that serious. It is absolutely okay if you don’t ace your first ever experiment in baking a cake. We are humans and do make mistakes, so it’s fine. It’s alright if your cake tastes nothing like a cake. Laugh it off and try to see where you went wrong to improve on it the next time.


Aquarius you stress about the smallest possible things in life and stressing on one thing transfers itself onto other things. It’s alright if you spill your Blue eyeliner on the evening you are supposed to go out to party. You can definitely make do with Black can’t you?

It’s after all about how much fun you have on that night and the people you spend time with, your Black eyeliner in place of Blue should not make you have to worry about changing your whole outfit and then coming to a conclusion that you don’t have anything you actually like that you want to wear to a party and that would lead you to question your taste in clothes. All of that stressing is unnecessary darling. Let go of the smaller issues or mishaps and concentrate on the meat of the matter.


You need to stop stressing about past mistakes Pisces. Forget about how you stammered in your presentation last month, about being ruse to your friend especially when it has been a year since.

Move on. Don’t linger in the past deliberately and let it hamper your peace of mind at present. If it is something that has happened way back in the past and you can’t fix it drop it. However if it is something that you can still fix, then instead of sulking about it and as a consequence chiding or demeaning yourself, fix it and get done with it.

This should help you recognize the innate struggles within you that lead to stress and as a process help you in controlling it better.

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