Not so stupid sex questions you are afraid to ask!

Stupid sex questions you are afraid to ask!

The topic of sex is generally surrounded by a galaxy of questions. What is right and what is not is always a subject of discussion and researchers across the world are thoroughly engaged in finding ways to boost the quality of our sex life. When it comes to marriage even though everyone faces a mild marriage freight, one thing that excites them about the divine concept is the carefree sex sessions. Sex is always equated to marital bliss. For couples who are first timers at sex usually, have oodles of queries that they are afraid to ask. Today, we are going to list some of them with their apt answers. So here we go….


  • Is more sex better than less?

We bet that no one in the world would deny this. Of course, more sex is always good! It contemplates for a happier lifestyle but the frequency of it depends on the bond you share with your partner. More the number of sex sessions is regarded as greater happiness.  But this does not imply that if you are not having sex daily, you marriage isn’t on the right runway. As long as you are able to maintain a healthy intimate connection with your partner, you are good going. Emotional connection is always overpowering and if the emotional ties with your husband are strong, then there is nothing to be worried about.

With casual daters, things are slightly different. They indulge in sex frequently but may not experience happiness as their meter of judgment is solely on their comfort level with non-committal sex.

  • Sex means intercourse, right?

Stupid sex questions you are afraid to ask!

You cannot limit sex with just intercourse. Sex has a lot in stock for you and several different activities are also considered sex. For instance, oral sex and genital touching are some other great ways to have sex. Exploring new dimensions like such will definitely open up excitement and broaden your opportunities for pleasure. Another thing you guys can try is joint masturbation if you wish to raise your sex quotient.


  • Is Sex Important?

Sex is indeed important as it is one of the essential biological needs of human beings but more important is your contentment with your sex life. If you are happy despite the fact that you guys get into action very rarely, it is perfectly fine and you are sorted. You do not need to compare your numbers with other couples. You need to focus on your sex life as you and your husband are an entire different entity from others and comparison can be foolish. Usually, couples are left dissatisfied when they realise that other couples have a much more active sex life and happiness pours in if vice-versa. Therefore, opening doors for insecurity and sadness by making a comparison is just not rational.


  • Do we lose sex drive with age?

Stupid sex questions you are afraid to ask!

No, you don’t! Sex drive isn’t associated with age or gender.  Researchers have shown that sex drives remain constant no matter what the age is. The stereotype that yells that ageing means lowered sex drive has been revolving in the air for ages now but it is not true. Sex drive can be related to the circumstances you are in but it has nothing to do with your age.

Let us know if you have questions too!



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