8 Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

Alia Bhatt, the youth sensation of the nation has given some of the stellar performances in the Bollywood industry at such a young age. Nonetheless, this 23-year actress has been gaining popularity within a very short time. Besides being an excellent actress, she is also a fashionista. She has rocked the top charts with her praiseworthy looks. Alia Bhatt has nailed the exact spot between comfort and style. She is sure to make heads turn wherever she goes. She is always spotted with minimal makeup and comfy clothing.

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

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Each one of us wants to be different among the crowd and for this, we are highly influenced by the Bollywood actress. Who’s better as a style inspiration other than Alia Bhatt? Alia Bhatt is an ultimate fashion inspiration that every 20 something girl should follow her.

We know everyone wants to look their best without burning a hole in their pocket.  So if you want to stand out among the rest then have a look at these outfits by Alia Bhatt that is sure to make you swoon and give you best ideas.


Give A Contemporary Twist To Traditional Wear

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

When it comes to traditional Indian finery we all want something trendy and new, and it is hard to stand out in Indian traditional wear because you’ll find people wearing the same kind of lehenga and Salwar Kameez everywhere. All over you’ll find the same kind of clothing. So if you want to give your traditional wear a youthful lease of life then give it a contemporary twist. Few people might find it hard to do a mix and match ensemble while few might have run out of options already. Alia Bhatt has mastered the subtle vibe of mix and match ensemble. Take a glance at these outfits:

You see what I’m talking about? She can successfully pull off bright hues as well as subtle pastel pinks. She did very well in the blue kurta which is so on point for any festivity. And all of these traditional wear is coupled with minimal makeup and minimal accessories.


Have Your Own Trends And Styles

Yes, you can never go wrong if you are confident about your on sense of style and that’s what Alia bhatt goes for. She has her own sense of style which makes her stand out. Doesn’t matter whether you want to keep it classy or keep it quirky and chirpy, just go with your own way of styling things. Add a bit of bling and accessories and carry it with confidence. That will do its charm. Have a look at these outfits by Alia bhatt:

Quirky and classy are something that can be aptly used to describe Alia. Look how well she carries both the outfits one with the quirky crop top and palazzo and the other one with blue striped shirt dress paired with black strappy stilettos. These are some cool outfits that a girl can wear in tea parties, brunch or dates as well.


Trying Different Hairstyles Is Must

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

Hairstyles are a bit hard to do but if tried properly they can never be a hassle. Try doing different kinds of braided hairstyles and buns because they are perfect for events. And moreover, braids suit both the straight hairs and curly hairs all you’ve to do is master the perfect braid that suits your face.


Alia bhatt has been spotted adorning a different kind of braided hairstyles in various events, promotions of her movies etc. And mind you, you can not only try these braids with traditional Indian dresses but also with western outfits be it maxi dress or jeans or shorts. So crisscrossed, swirly or round shaped braids, whichever it is, Alia bhatt has been spotted in all of these and has looked absolutely gorgeous in all of them.


Say Yes To Co-Ords

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

I know not many people want to wear the same color co-ordinate twinsets because it might seem kind of boring. And when everyone is spotted wearing contrast outfits, Alia bhatt easily carries color co-ordinated outfits which make her look instant cool chic. Don’t believe me? Then a have look at these outfits where she was spotted wearing co-ords in various events


Co-ordinate twinsets are uber cool be it short suits and blouses or matching separates or skirt and blouse. And if paired with bright footwear then even better. If you observe properly you’ll notice that there are no other accessories needed. You do not have to worry about matching accessories with your outfit which is clearly one less thing to worry about.


Strong Shoe Game = Confident You!

Kicks are totally in nowadays especially white ones and you can often spot her wearing these with her outfits. If you are tired of your boring jeans and tee closet then add the oxford shoes or flatforms in it and you can wear them every other day and you won’t get bored. You can also spot her wearing metallic stilettos once in a while that can make you go ‘gaga’ over it. Have a look:


You see, shoes or trainers or flatforms can not only be paired with casual jeans and tee but also be worn on a simple short dress and you are good to go. If you want to give a metallic twist to your outfit then pair it up with some silver, metallic stilettos.


Add A Bit Of Drama With A Bit Of Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

It is always good to keep things interesting. That is what alia does. Whenever she wears dresses she makes sure to add a bit of drama to it. If you got to attend a pre-wedding cocktail party or birthday party or anniversary party, walk the floor with a ladylike elegance with a bit of drama to the outfit. Have a look at these outfits by Alia

Surely, Alia bhatt knows how to rock the event. Those evening dresses are surely going to make everyone swoon at the event. So now you know whom to take inspiration from if you want to add a bit of drama to the dress.


Stack Your Wardrobe With Short Dress

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

As everyone already knows – LBD is a must in every girl’s closet. But let me tell you, Short dresses in any colour are necessary because they suit every occasion. So if you don’t have anything else to wear then you should always reach for a short dress. You can stack up with your closet with a mix of glam and girl next door short dresses especially if you got dates to show up to.

Take a look at pretty short dress worn Alia bhatt:


Keeping It Stylish With Casuals

Style Cues Inspired By Alia Bhatt For Every Girl!

If there is one thing that Alia bhatt absolutely loves wearing is jeans. All her airport looks are in comfy boyfriend jeans paired with simple tee and shades. Who says you can’t be stylish with casuals? Of course, you can, you just have to know how to. If you want to know how then take a look:


Image Courtesy: Instagram account: Alia Bhatt

Doesn’t her sense of style struck a chord in you? She is the coolest actress and her outfits are even cooler. Fashion is always said to be a medium of self-expression and Alia bhatt expresses herself clearly be it her donning crop tops or be it statement dresses or be it a short dress. So girls follow her on Instagram and know her personal style with youthful quirk.

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