Supportive spouse – How to be one?

Nothing is permanent in life and just as the good time are around the bad times are sure to follow. Every couple at certain stages of their life is bound to come up with complications in spite of the positive attempts and efforts made by them. This kind of situations normally occurs when your partner is going through a tough time because of certain elements not related to you. Nevertheless, supporting your spouse in this situation and understanding them is very crucial. This would help your spouse to come out of the bad phase and remain mentally strong. Below are few tips that you should follow to support your spouse during bad times.

  • You should never be judgmental:

None of us is perfect and it is obvious for us to make mistakes. However, your partner would never want you to make negative remarks regarding their mistake or bad decision they have already taken. This is the last thing they would expect from you during the tough times. Be very careful about your actions in these cases. Say, you warned your spouse about any of her friends and the very next day she comes back home after quarrelling with that particular person. Instead of increasing her pain by poking her about her mistake, you should try and make her feel relaxed. If your approach is negative, she might stop sharing her sorrows or bitter experiences with you. This would increase her pain and complicate matters even more. You should always try to distract her and make her feel happy through simple chats or fun games. You can take her out for a walk to relive her mood or even for a dinner. If necessary, talk about the complicated issue during a better phase when she is mentally much stronger and in a situation to take things positively. This would strengthen your relationship and make your spouse depend on you more and more.


  • Patience is the key:

Sometime you may realize that your partner is not sharing her problems with you. This can be bothersome but you always need to be patient. You have to calm down, get a hold on yourself and be an invisible support for your partner. Always be with her like a shadow and give her anything she needs. This might create the confidence within your partner’s mind so that she can express her miseries before you. You can cook a delicious meal for her or call some friends for a get together to make the situation light. You can hug her tight and give her a kiss to make things easy.


  • Being the source of strength:

When your spouse is completely broken down and needs a shoulder, you should always give her strength. Every one of us wants to have a strong partner. Your action should never make her feel low but create a positive vibe.

Nothing lasts forever be it good or bad. However, you have to be strong during the tough situations so that you can support your partner and pull them out of the misery. You should also be caring towards your spouse in any circumstances.


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