Surprising ways to lose belly fat


Belly fats are so embarrassing especially when you are planning to wear a tight fitting dress, a crop top or a bikini. It’s embarrassing for men too who constantly try to hold their breath so that they could hide their deformation. A belly fat on a women makes her look like she’s on some stage of pregnancy. Over-eating, passiveness, lack of exercise, stress and sometimes diseases gives rise to the big balloon resting between your chest and groin. Flat, toned abs and a lean body are something every man wishes for! If you are still wondering whether you should try out some natural home remedies before visiting the doctor, try out these expert tips.


Consume plenty of liquid

Be it water, juice or beer, hog on whatever you get. Keep yourself hydrated. It is important to regulate your metabolism. Drinking more will enhance the functioning of your body, making your workout go smoothly.


Drink less-

When I recommended consuming as much liquid as you can, my advice was aimed at pure drinks. Going wild partying and pouring yourself glass after glass isn’t what I meant. Sure, you can have your good time but try to cut down. Refraining to drink ever will turn on the stress mode leading to even more chunk on your midsection. Alcohol is digested as sugar and sugar, ultimately turns into fat. Just cut down!



Surprising ways to lose belly fat

Do I need to tell this? Well, its so obvious, if you want to shed fats, you must burn calories and for that you need to perspire. This is possible only if you run, jog, stretch, crunch, or whatever. Just make sure you’re always on the go!


Eat every three hours

Isn’t it surprising? Here we’re trying to burn out calories and I’m recommending you to eat every THREE hours! You know what? When you skip meals, your brain turns on the starvation mode, storing everything you’ve eaten into your belly as fats. Consuming small amounts of food every three hours will keep your body fuelled.


The yum yum chocolate

Oh yes! Shedding belly weight is so easy. It’s in fact, a boon than a bane. Eat DARK CHOCOLATE!! Your body needs zinc because zinc increases the level of circulating leptin, a hormone that regulates fat storage. The best part is, dark chocolate is packed with zinc. So go ahead!



sleep for at least six hours a night. Don’t work late at night because your body will end up producing more ghrelin, which triggers cravings for sugar and other fat-building foods. Losing sleep can also alter your hormone production, affecting your cortisol levels that cause insulin sensitivity, prime reasons for belly fat!


Eat fat

Surprising ways to lose belly fat

Am I kidding you? NOPE. It takes one to bring down one. One fat will combat the other and both will die of exhaustion. Getting it, right? Sugar gets you fat, not fat. So avoid sugar-loaded food and take a deep breath when it comes to fat. Good fats include foods rich in Omega 3′s, like salmon, avocados & walnuts. These foods are nutrient rich and will keep you healthy.

Well, that’s all for now. These tips might sound really simple, which they are but they are effective too. Remember to stay stress-free. It’s not how much stress you have, its how you handle it. Try incorporating these methods step by step. I wish you good luck!



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