Tackling Violence On Social Media

tackling violence on social platform

Not that physical violence was any less, women in India are now facing severe backlash on the social media too, for going against conventional norms by which women is supposed to behave, act or think.

This has been all the more prominent for women journalists and activists like Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghosh, Kavita Krishnan and many other commoners too.

To ensure an abuse free environment devoid of hate speeches, online platforms like Twitter have come about with mechanisms to let people mute negative comments, trolling and abuses from haters for a certain period of time or even file a complaint against the abuser.

The Indian Penal Code has come about with the 2008 Amendments to the Information Technology Act, which prevents circulation of personal materials like videos or nude pictures, showing adult content to women without her consent and passing sexual comments, the breach of which is punishable by law. This has come about with increasing reports of “revenge porn” where one of the partners circulates private videos with the intention of shaming or harassing the other. The same is true for Rape videos and hidden cameras in the trial rooms of garment stores which are easily circulated at a moment’s notice over the virtual platform.

Bollywood has tried highlighting these issues through movies like Love, Sex Aur Dhokha, Dev D, Kalyug, Masaan and Drishyam.


It is high time that we become more tolerant of diversity in the society and stop portraying women as worthless, sexual objects. Rather, accept them as equals in the society who deserve respect just like their male counterparts.



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