Take care of your feet in 5 simple ways!

Take care of your feet in 5 simple ways!

When we talk about the undeniable effects of climate and environment on our bodies and moods in everyday life, we can unanimously establish that India’s weather is no paradise. Most of the year is dominated by hot summers or pre-monsoon weather, making conditions a little too hard for health and skincare.


Care Sustains The Beauty!

Most Indians would go to lengths to take extra care of their face and arms, and prevent them from getting tanned and weathered.But only a few would give their feet a second glance. Sadly, it is not only a matter of lacking aesthetic sense but also an indication towards neglecting an important component of personal hygiene.


Let’s Take Care of Your Feet.

Rendering your feet unclean is a gateway to multiple fungal and bacterial infections. Some of these infections are notoriously insidious, and their consequences are horrible even to imagine. However, there’s no need for you to get all worried and scared. You can protect your feet from that fate by taking a few healthy and easy steps for their daily care.


Good Morning!

Take care of your feet in 5 simple ways!

  • Make it a point to wash your feet thoroughly, running fingers in between the toes, after using the toilet early in the morning. This way you’ll cleanse out any traces of trapped dirt, sweat or parasites.
  • Put on a moisturizing lotion after that and secure your feet inside socks before setting out to work or college. It will provide protection to your feet from tan especially if you’re wearing open sandals.


Choosing a Footwear

  • Wearing soft, flat and feet-friendly shoes are important to keep your feet healthy.
  • Avoiding wearing hard stilettos or open sandals for daily use.
  • Replace them with rubber solefootwear and let your feet take comfortable strolls.
  • Socks affect your feet pretty much the same way as shoes do. Keep your thick socks exclusively for winters and don’t sweat your feet by putting them on daily. Bring out your lightest material of sock collection instead.


Warm Water Soaks

  • Treat your feet with lukewarm water soaks once in a while, preferably twice a week.
  • Add essential oils for best results.
  • Rub your toes and ankles with loofahwhile your feet are immersed in water. Its spongy texture works the best for exfoliating dry skinand hence, will lighten the color of your toes remarkably quick.
  • Having foot massages and pedicure done by professionals once in a month would do no harm to your salary. It is recommended for bringing out the best in your feet.


Nail Trimming

Take care of your feet in 5 simple ways!

  • Trim your nails right when they start outgrowing your skin. It is the easiest way to avoid trapping any pollutants or germs in the foot area.
  • However, if you like to grow your nails, make sure to keep their length no longer than 2 cm for your sake.

Outgrown nails also call for special cleaning and care.


Good Night!

  • Take off any rings, anklet or socks on your feet before going to bed.
  • Then wash them and apply any moisturizing gel or lotion before taking off to the realms of slumber.

None of the above measures is so hard to keep up with our busy Indian lives. We can all take out a few minutes of daily living in order to nurture our feet with the care they rightly deserve.

Do not forget we all hate those creepy stares from people at our quite ostentatious wedding ceremonies when our upscale dresses and hairdos don’t go with our poorly attended feet. So, let’s strive to have the world at your well-conditioned feet!


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