Take care of your precious jewelry

Do’s and don’ts

We women have a strong fascination for jewelry be they expensive diamonds or the dirt-cheap trinkets that we bought from the street.

jewellsBut isn’t it distressing to see our precious jewelry losing their sheen and luster. Learn to take proper care of your jewels and see outshine everything that comes in their way.

  1. Diamond Jewelry and Precious Stones


  • For cleaning diamond jewelry you can use a good quality jewelry cleaning solution which is easily available in the market. At home you can make a simple solution of ammonia and water to clean your jewels.
  • Use a soft brush to clean your diamonds and precious stones.
  • Periodically check the prong settings of your jewelry. If you find them to be loose, get them repaired immediately.


  • When working in the kitchen it is advisable that you remove your diamond rings as constant exposure to kitchen ingredients can dent its luster.


  1. Gold Jewelry

Gold is quite strong and doesn’t tarnish as easily as silver. Still over a period of time gold jewelry, if not taken proper care of loses its sheen and takes on a dull look.


  • Put away your gold jewelry in separate pouches as placing them all together will entangle them.
  • Gold jewelry can be cleaned twice a week in a solution of warm water and mild detergent.


  • Chlorine has a caustic effect on gold; hence it is advisable to remove all gold jewelry before stepping into chlorine water.
  • If your gold jewelry contains precious stones then do not use any alcohol-based cleaning liquid to clean it. These liquids have the ability to dilute the gum which is used to attach the stones to gold thus there is a risk of the stones falling off.


  1. Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry gets tarnished easily so you have to be a bit more careful when storing it.


  • Use a phosphate-free detergent or plain soap water to clean silver jewelry.
  • Warm water is ideal for cleaning silver jewelry.
  • Store your sliver items in airtight container and zip pouches so that they do not come in contact with air.


  • Similar to pearls, silver jewelry should be kept away from perfumes and cosmetics as they speed up the discoloration process.
  • Never store silver items with other metals.
  • Before storing your jewelry make sure it is completely dry.


  1. Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are probably the most delicate of jewelry thus they require extra care. A few lapses on our part and they can easily get damaged. A few do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of pearl jewelry.


  • Clean your pearls with a soft damp cloth and store them in an airtight container with soft lining inside.
  • When dressing for a party, always wear your pearls last only after you have applied your make-up.
  • Perfumes and hairsprays can also cause discoloration in pearls hence apply these first before you put on your pearls.


  • Never store your pearls in plastic bags.
  • When going for a swim remember to remove your pearls as the chemicals present in the pool water can damage your pearls.
  • Do not ever use baking soda to clean pearls.
  • Avoid using toothbrush to clean your pearls as even the softest of toothbrushes can damage your pearls.

We all have immense love for our jewelry but our love alone will not be capable of preserving it. Knowing to take proper care of them will keep them looking beautiful always.

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