Talcum powder in our dressing shelves is now an old product to use! It has been replaced with new gen products like body spray, body cream and face powders etc! But do you know? Talcum (other than providing sweat resistance to your bodies in summers) can be a lifesaver in many situations! Grab that little talcum bottle and here’s how it can help you!

For the wonder waxing!

Yes! Girls out there! We know! You might be all scared and nervous, thinking of the pain that waxing session is going to give you! Don’t be! Just ask the attendant at the beauty parlor to rub some talcum powder over the body part that is going to get waxed. This will dry up the skin and remove any excess moisture.

Drying up of skin helps the wax strip make a better grip over the skin and remove the hair easily, without causing much pain!


The closet spray!

We do not get a closet freshener or a closet spray! Do we? One cannot use a room freshener or a room spray inside their closet because it’s a very compact place and your clothes, all of them, will pick up that specific fragrance. What’s the hack?

Talcum! Yes, just empty out some of the powder from your talcum bottle into a dish or a bowl. Place it into your wardrobe, wherever you find an apt place to keep it. This will always keep your closet fresh and impart a subtle fragrance to it!


The chain hustle!

Often, both men and women face the problem of entangled chains! Lots of times chains get entangled or a knot gets developed in it. Since these are made up of precious metals and are valuable, these have to be detangled in a careful manner!

You can do that simply using talcum powder! Pour some powder on your palm and rub the chain on it, so it gets properly covered with the powder. And then try to detangle the knot. It will come out easier and swifter!







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