Tamasha: Why you must watch the movie


We are surely never going to question how a hero in Bollywood movies can manage to fight ten goons alone or how a mother gets to know when far away her kid is going through tough times. We are going to follow every romantic movie religiously and we tend to get offended when someone makes fun of our favorite Bollywood Jori. Bollywood romantic movies are our top most priority in our every ‘things to do’ list. So, while Tamasha is going to release soon, let’s look at reasons why you must postpone all your tasks and go to watch this movie:

The talented Imtiaz Ali:

We all became diehard fans of Imtiaz Ali when we watched Jab We Met but fell completely in love with him after watching Highway. Imtiaz Ali surely knows how to narrate a story beautifully.

He has already told that Tamasha takes a different approach to love in which love means someone gets you more than you get yourself. You can surely fool the entire world but not that one person.

Best Onscreen Couple:

While they could not make it offline, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika are surely best onscreen couples of present times. Deepika plays the role of Tara who is emotionally agile and is an eloquent person. Whereas Ranbir plays role of Ved who is a nomad and plays a story teller. Imtiaz Ali told in an interview that Ranbir and Deepika acted so well and were so engrossed in their characters that he had to rewrite a few scenes.

Brilliant music:

The music will surely give you a glimpse of heaven. A R Rahman does the magic again. Be it energetic Matargashti or Heer tu badi sad hai where pain is celebrated in fun way. The music will stir strings of your heart for sure. And to top it all, there is beautiful love track Agar tum sath hu that you must listen if you haven’t.

Breathtaking Location:

Major part of Tamasha has been shot in the beautiful island of Corsica, France. Corsica is a beautiful island in Mediterranean sea with mountains to add to its beauty. It is said that the island was formed around 250 million years ago as a granite backbone uplifted on the western side. Around 50 years ago, sedimentary rock was pressed against the granite and thus schists of eastern side were formed.

Intense lip lock:

The movie has perfect lip lock scene. The lip lock is said to be quite intense and is rumored to be one of the best passionate scenes. So, if you are also a fan of Deepika and Ranbir and want to see them sizzling onscreen, then do not miss the most intense scenes between the onscreen couple and watch it on big screen which will be even better.

So, the wait is almost over and until you can finally watch the most awaited movie of the year, listen to the songs and enjoy. Do take your favorite people to watch the movie so that you have a memorable time.