TATA Group: Empowering Women in the Corporate World

TATA Group: Empowering Women in the Corporate World
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A job in the big firms of the corporate world is the goal of the youth these days. With globalization at its peak, the Multinational Companies are a gateway to living the lifestyle you desire, taking in elements of all the cultures that one gets connected with. Thus, it is extremely important for these organizations to actively participate in and profess social reforms, starting with their own employee structure. One such business giant that has accepted this responsibility and is striving towards helping in the upliftment of the feminine population of our country is the TATA Group. The TATA Group is not only reforming its own makeup to make it better suited for women but through the power of media, is helping change the minds of the masses as well.



The Diverse Employee Culture

TATA Group: Empowering Women in the Corporate World

There can be no progress with barriers to the recruitment of employees in this world where corporations transcend borders to expand and achieve greater heights. Employment and promotion of women to higher posts have become an important issue in the already long list of agendas for the women rights activists. Despite the progress that women have made in proving to the world that there is nothing they can’t do, there still exist those at the top positions in the corporate world with their eyes and ears shut. Such bigotry is what makes employers reject female candidates for jobs that they truly deserve. For fear of the maternity leave that they are entitled to, women aren’t promoted to higher ranks in many corporations around the world.

TATA Group: Empowering Women in the Corporate World

The TATA Group leads an example in such a stereotyped world. In a country such as ours, where gender discrimination has always been an issue, the TATA Group is a beacon of hope to all those women who dream of working to their full potential and achieve success. The efforts of the group at enhancing the diversity in their workforce has resulted in 27% of the hires at TATA Communications as on 31st January 2017, being women, which is a big leap compared to the 19% in 2014. With their target being an increase to 30% by 2018, the TATA Group’s commitment towards progress in all aspects serves as an inspiration to not only their contemporaries but the society as well.



Changing minds for a Better Future

TATA Group: Empowering Women in the Corporate World

The Jaago Re advertisements have been eye openers for many on numerous issues that the series touched. Combining marketing with spreading social awareness is the perfect example of killing two birds with one stone. Women empowerment has been one of the major themes in this campaign. In fact, in most all the advertisements, no matter the theme, women have been the one imparting awareness and urging the society to think about the issues that plague them.

One such advertisement was released in 2013 that stars the Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. In the sequence, SRK is being interviewed by a female journalist who asks for his views on gender equality and women’s rights, to which he replies that rather than being equal to men, women should be ahead of them. This response makes the journalist question him why the same isn’t the case with the film industry, and that is when SRK announces that the name of his female co-stars shall appear ahead of his in the credits of all his movies. What I like best about these ads is the fact that they force the viewer to introspect. It is often seen that those who preach high ideals tend to hold the most biased opinions practically, and this is what the Jaago Re campaign helps eradicate.

With the Jaago Re campaign’s return after 3 years, with the theme of ‘Pre-activism’, they have once again made a major contribution towards women empowerment. The advertisement urges its viewers to act before mishappenings like rape occur with its slogan, “Alarm bajne se pehle Jaago re”. The predecessor of this theme was ‘Power of 49’ which was focused on getting the female voters to vote for candidates who would ensure their safety rather than be spending money on safety devices which might fail when needed.

It is imperative for the nation as a whole to realize that women are no longer weaklings who can be manipulated at the will of the patriarchy. For those who follow ideals of the bygone era in the 21st century, there should be nothing but pity. It is indeed commendable that in this world of cut-throat competition there exist corporations like the TATA Group that are taking the issue of women empowerment and other social reforms seriously. A commitment such as this which starts at the top is sure to radiate its effects all the way down.




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