Tech Jobs for Groundbreaking Women

Believe it or not, women’s potential to succeed in the business world has improved in leaps and bounds over recent years. Where once women were excluded from almost every decision-making process, let alone the mere idea of a career, and the expectations set were restricted to the home and secretarial roles, today female minds are present and succeeding in most industries.

Admittedly, things are still far from perfect, but finally being able to get feet in the doors of society’s highly respected industries is a major step in the right direction. Technology is one such leading industry, the range of its opportunities only limited by your skill set and imagination. With that in mind, here are four occupations to make a name for yourself in, in the tech world.

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Why not aim straight for the top? It takes time and a difficult ladder to climb, but if you work hard and play your cards right nothing is out of reach. Susan Wojcicki became CEO of YouTube in 2014, her journey involving hefty degrees in history, literature, and economics and several bold corporate moves. Ginni Rometty, the president, CEO, and chairman of IBM, followed the same strategy while focusing her energy on computer science and electrical engineering. The impressive host of prestigious names featured on Women in Tech illustrates that courage and dedication are vital to whatever your chosen career path.

Systems Analyst

High IT literacy would be an ideal fit for this type of position. Analysing a company’s computer systems and devising solutions or improvements is a sure way to, not only become indispensable to the business, but to also develop your existing understanding of all things tech. Every challenge is a chance to evolve. Related qualifications are sometimes trivial to employers as long you have some degree to speak of and accompanying experience in IT. Starting as early as possible to build a strong and assorted toolbox of computer skills is advised.

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Video Game & Web Developer

Between PC, console, and mobile, the gaming industry is thriving. As more and more women join its workforce, anyone with the ability to produce such entertainment, whether a dazzling RPG, puzzle game or mobile bingo, can expect an exciting future. Just look at what the Lucky Pants Bingo site features to understand how diverse this tech sector is. A single themed bingo game, like Boom Pirates or Anchorman, needs to be programmed, designed, written, and marketed. The website itself, where the bingo community navigates titles, schedules, and bonus, has its own tech demands that need to be finalised by a dedicated professional team.


Today, there seems to be no better career or lifestyle than that of an influencer. Find a lucrative niche and have a blast while broadcasting your passion. Inspiration can be found with dozens of popular female trendsetters on YouTube and Instagram. The Blonde Abroad is a self-proclaimed “escape artist”, meaning that she specialises in creatively promoting the wonderful and empowering freedom of solo travel. Her profile encompasses photography, digital design, and marketing, as well as entertaining 566k followers with stories of dream locations. A tech wiz doesn’t have to be stuck behind a desk to benefit the world.

A career in IT can be anything you strive for. You can play, travel or lead a business to greatness. Put your technological chops to work and make it happen.

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