Teen sex confessions I couldn’t believe

Some experiences are contagious. Have you ever heard a sex confession that turned you on? Well, if you haven’t then you most certainly have been exposed to the 50 Shades of Grey madness. If not, then you have been living under a rock. What made that series so successful was its ability to make people horny. That is the power of sharing experiences. When these experiences are slutty confessions, they make things even sexier. So, looking for something to turn you on? Your search ends here as I bring you some of the sluttiest teen sex confessions, you wouldn’t believe are true!

teen sex confessions

What better way to slutty things up…?

I was at a friend’s party which was a really dull affair. I had to abruptly end a make-out session with a Tinder date, just to get to this party on time. One of our friends puts on some music and the guys jump on the table to start dancing. There was one handsome hunk who had his eyes locked on me. I took out some cash from my wallet and tucked it in his belt. He looks at the note in his belt, looks at me and smiles the most wicked smile I have ever seen. He takes off his shirt in that crowded room, to cheers of ladies all across. I put more cash in his belt as he began giving me a lap dance.

I was a bit drunk and went to the bathroom upstairs. As I opened the door to go back to the dance floor, he was standing there, just in front of me. What do you do when such a specimen of sexiness is standing in front of you? Teasing you with his chiselled body. I leant in to kiss him and he responded. He pushed me inside of the bathroom, locked the door and started kissing me. Within seconds he was inside me and we had the steamiest sex ever. I moaned so loudly that even the music outside couldn’t drown my voice. Thankfully, by that time the party crowd was drunk out of their wits. What better way to slutty things up than making your man a stripper?

Thank God it rained or the animals would’ve heard….

We were at the zoo when it started to rain. We took shelter under this shed at the far end where there was no one else. So, we started to make out. As the rain subsided, we started to walk out. But most of the people had left and the animals had gone to their shelters too because of the rain. We were still horny from the make-out session earlier. My blouse was drenched and he could see my nipples through it. He pushed me against the glass of the penguin exhibit, pulled down my panties and took me from behind. We fucked like animals, totally hardcore. Thank God it rained or the animals would’ve heard us banging against the glass. It was so mind-blowing that I still masturbate thinking about it.

Accidents happen, right?

 unbelievable sex confessions

 We had all gone camping. My boyfriend and I, with his twin brother, Jason and his girlfriend, Lara. So, I had always had a thing for my boyfriend’s twin. Although they are identical twins, he always seemed like the sexier one. The last night we were there, the boys took out the alcohol. Everyone except me was drunk out of their mind. I went to the text I shared with my boyfriend while everyone else was still drinking. My boyfriend and his twin’s girlfriend passed out near the bonfire (it had gone out by then, thankfully). And his twin accidentally walked into my tent instead of his own.

He spooned me and I woke up with my boyfriend’s name on my lips. Jason turns me around and says, “Don’t think about him when you are with me” and starts kissing me. I resist at first, but boy did I want that! He started rubbing my clit and within seconds I was wet as a hoe. He fucked me as no one had ever before. I was screaming his name as he thrust himself inside me. The next morning, he was back in his tent, and there was a silent understanding not to tell my boyfriend about this. Accidents happen, right?

Bath Tub sex is the best sex….

After a long day at work, all I could think of was relaxing in the bathtub. My boyfriend has a key to my apartment, so he snuck in without ringing the bell. I was almost asleep when I felt someone get into the tub. I open my eyes and all the bubbles are gone. He’s on top of me, with a lust that I will never forget. I could tell that he was having a really hard time holding back. He boner wasn’t quite as subtle about it. I pull myself to his face and kissed him as he squeezed my wet bare breasts. He gently put my head back down and thrust himself inside me. We made out for three hours straight and by the time we were done, half the water had spilt from the tub. We filled it up again, put some more bubble bath and nestled into each other’s arms. Bathtub sex is the best sex.

Dreams do come true after school….

The guy I had a big crush on back in school ended up being my new boss. I hadn’t seen him since he passed out (he was a senior). He recognized me on my first day which I thought was really odd, given that we had never talked in school. It got me thinking that maybe he had some feelings. I did catch him checking me out at the lounge. So, I went into his office after the break, pretending to have a query. I joined him on the sofa he was sitting on and the conversation drifted to school days. I confessed that I had a big crush on him. He moved closer to me and asked if I still did. I moved closer and we kissed. Five minutes later, I was on top of my boss with all my clothes on the floor on the first day of work. We met again at his apartment that night and had the best make-out session ever. He devoured me. We tore each other’s clothes off, we were so horny. I can’t count how many times I had dreamed of fucking him in school. Dreams do come true, I guess.

Working out can be fun too….

 slutty teen sex confessions

 I met this guy on the route I use for my morning run. He’s really hot and we clicked real soon. One morning, I went out just to see him even though I knew it might rain. He could’ve skipped, but I took my chances and it paid off. The moment we met it began to rain and he proposed we take shelter in his apartment which was closer. As soon as we entered, he took his shirt off to reveal his magnificent body. He saw me looking at him, moved towards me and we began kissing. By the time he reached my neck, I was already wet. I took off my clothes and threw him on the bed. It rained for three hours and we made out 6-7 times. Each time I moaned he went harder and my moans grew louder. We burnt more calories than we would’ve if it hadn’t rained. Who knew, working out could be fun too?

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