Teenage Pregnancy: What is to be done?

Teenage Pregnancy: What is to be done?

In countries like India and Bangladesh when a teenager gets pregnant before getting married, it becomes a very intricate situation for all parties involved. The parents do not look for possible solutions and rather make a decision based on temporary emotions and sentiments. It is important for the parents to realise that the pregnancy can be okay, as long as the decisions made are well thought out. In this article, we are going to layout a bunch of solutions for teenagers who are expecting a baby and for parents whose teenager daughter is pregnant. We are going to explore both the perspectives and guide you through intelligent dealings in such situations.


  • Visit a Pregnancy Resource Center

Teenage Pregnancy: What is to be done?

Find your local pregnancy centre and pay a visit as they offer services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, information on teen pregnancy, sex education, and post-abortion support. Although finding a judgment free pregnancy centre can be tough in India, but do your research. Pregnancy resource centres will help you confirm your pregnancy.


  • Inform your Parents


Telling your parents will be the hardest part and the scariest as well. It is certain that you will be terrified about their reactions but understand that you cannot do away with this situation without the support and guidance of your parents. They might lash at you when they first get to know about the news but don’t let the fear stop you from letting them know.


  • Inform the Father

Teenage Pregnancy: What is to be done?

You do not have to solely bear all the responsibilities of the situation as remember that you both were in it together. Therefore, the responsibilities have to be borne equally and you do not have to be alone. So inform the father and his parents about the pregnancy so that you receive both emotional and financial support.

  • Take Adept Decisions

This is a very delicate issue and therefore, decisions have to be made after completely researching all the options and going through its pros and cons. Indulge in discussions with people who are supporting you and try taking help of a doctor or a counselor to lastly decide what will be best for you. Whether you are looking for adoption, abortion or keeping the baby, make sure you are well informed about how each situation would likely be. For this you can take advice from trusted adults, nurses, and midwives, and listen to what they have to say.



As a parent when she firsts breaks out the news to you, it is okay and common to react with a lot of anger and denial. But it is very important for you to understand that pregnancy is one of the most difficult experiences a teenage girl ever faces. Therefore, you must understand how to support your daughter as she deals with her teenage pregnancy.

  • Be Extremely Supportive

Teenage Pregnancy: What is to be done?

This is the time for you to give all of you love, care, support and guidance to her as she needs it now the most. Do not scare her you’re your anger and do not make her feel that she is alone. It is emotionally and physically necessary for your child’s health to remain as relaxed as possible during the pregnancy. Ask your daughter what she wants and about what she’s feeling and the choices ahead. You might want to intervene and take the decision for her but do not impose your decisions on her as you have to respect her wishes and her choices. Be her best friend and tell her that everything is going to be alright.

  • Be the Well-read Guide

Teenage Pregnancy: What is to be done?

Although imposing your views on her isn’t a good option but if you want to help her with your experienced suggestions then you must be a resourceful guide to her. Take her to support centers and make her explore through various options and possible circumstances, also their pros and cons. In this way, you will not only make yourself hear but also allow her to take proficient and right decisions.

  • Help Her Become Independent

You have to teach her how to become a self sufficient adult as it is the foundation of all decisions that will be made. If her decision is to keep the baby, then prepare her to not only take care of herself but the child as well. Help her get in order to embrace the motherhood. Taking part in your daughter’s medical treatments during the entire course of pregnancy is important but it is also important to make her ready to book her own appointments and plan her schedules.


A baby is a beautiful thing and there is no reason that one has to be ashamed about pregnancy. As a child bearer, you should be far sighted and think about your future and as a parent of the teenager you must be supportive whether it is an abortion or adoption. Remember jumping into a marriage isn’t an obligation and as mentioned in the introduction, if the decisions made are well thought out, then you will have a bright future and you will not have to make any compromises. As a parent, you too can seek support from reliable sources. All parties involved should prepare themselves for the change and should never feel guilty.


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