The benefits of working


Someone rightly said, ‘An idle mind is a devils workshop’. There are so many things in this wonderful world and we are the only beings gifted with intelligence to understand them. So, it should be our constant endeavor to use this gift for a better understanding of the people of this world. If you are in depression or a mental hassle and do not get a clear picture of what is happening around you, take up a job as it helps in ways you can’t imagine.

  •   Helps you take responsibility

Once we are in an environment that demands discipline and orderly functioning, we tend to behave systematically. If we have certain deadlines to meet, we start to work methodically and realize the seriousness of getting things done. This eventually helps us in transforming into a responsible person. We realize that our existence has certain obligations and accountability to our fellow beings.

  •   Helps you stay active

Not having an occupation usually makes us lazy. One remains in a comfort zone and in a cocoon of ease and relaxation. This tends to develop an aspect that we start postponing things that we are liable to for several tomorrows. Doing a job makes us choice less and we are bound to move or deliver. If a job involves field work or travelling then we remain physically active else our minds are dynamic and energetic.

  • Helps you to be resourceful 

A man with an idle mind suffers and makes others also suffer. A job with purpose and direction is the fruit of life. It helps people to be imaginative and intends to complete tasks by utilizing ones creative skills. This benefits immensely as we become productive and are always encouraged to do prolific activities.

  • Diverts you from the unwanted

An empty mind invites bulk of spamming thoughts that are usually not favorable for peaceful sustenance. We become a waste gathering machine by being easily influenced by what the barbaric and fiendish people around us have to preach.   The point is that man wasn’t made to be sluggish. A man was made to evolve and to explore the world around him. It is his responsibility to ensure that is productive for the world in some or the other way. Well! If these facts are difficult to consume then needn’t worry.  These ideologies can be incorporated as a solution to your confused mindsets by simply taking up a job. If not a job, take up an activity that interests you and participate willingly. Trust me; it will change your life in various good ways.

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