The Best Female Travel Photographers

With social media all around us, it is no wonder that you can find some of the most beautiful photographs taken in the world. With travel footage that enlightens us and tells us to be ourselves, everyone finds a piece of beauty in each of these women’s photos. Looking at their photographs is like taking a walk in the area that they are shooting. You will feel like you’re a part of the photo, the feelings. These are the best female travel photographers that we’ve come across and that have inspired their audiences in so many ways.


Varina Patel

Based in the US, her brilliant eye for attention can make the simplest thing in the world into something beautiful and magical. Her images all have color and balance in them that changes the way we perceive what we are looking at. Along with her husband, Jay, they run Visual Wilderness, where they teach students about landscape photography and the other aspects that come with capturing something beautiful, whether it is to them or to those around them.


Danielle Da Silva

She is more known than others in the photography world. Listed as a Top 30 under 30 and founder of Photographers Without Borders, she does so much and inspires all of us to do the same. Speaking eight languages, an activist and conservationist, she takes pictures of the rawest moments that she comes across. Beautiful, real and unfiltered for our eyes, her pictures are clear and tell stories of their own.


Taylor Roades

Conservation, culture and people all come together in Taylor’s beautiful photos. She’s also traveled to numerous places around the world to capture these images like Chile, Scotland and Indonesia. Each place is more beautiful than the next and she makes sure to share the photos with those that follow her. She continues to take tours around specific countries and is excited to show off her next adventure with her followers through social media.


Katie Goldie

Travel photography is her life and her love. Katie has worked for numerous travel companies in Turkey, Canada, Malaysia and with top brands like Budweiser, Eddie Bauer and 20th Century Fox. She provides those key elements to photos taken around the world that would otherwise not be touched on. She has a keen eye for detail and leave no shot untaken.


Tasneem Alsultan

American-born Saudi, she covers important stories and pictures in the Middle East. Published in the New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic and more, she continues to raise awareness in human rights, especially in social and gender issues. She has inspired not only the women that have seen her work, but the women she photographs on a daily basis.


Alice Martins

Her galleries are full of beautiful photos that tell stories of where she has been and who she has captured in each. Some of the powerful photos are hard to look at. One of her most powerful galleries was taken in Iraq during the war. Born in Brazil, she has toured the world and has pictures from almost everywhere. She’s worked on hard topics such as AIDS and HIV issues in Southern Africa and the crisis in Syria. Her photos have been featured on the Washington Post and TIME magazine.


Christina Rizk

The German-Egyptian that returned to live in Cairo to tell stories has captured some pretty amazing shots along the way. Published in the New York Times, Newsweek and more, she continues to inspire those around her through the stories that her pictures are able to tell. Though she has worked with Deutsche Presse Agentur to take pictures and write stories of the Middle East and North Africa, she decided to move to Berlin instead to pursue a MA in Media Anthropology.


Their photographs evoke inspiration for the digital traveler that might not feel like she captures everything in her photos. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer yourself, or you do something else amazing, these women show us that there are really no boundaries to what you can and cannot do. Being able to reach new heights with their pictures, they have soon found fame with each and every shot they take. Beauty is around us all and they’ve showed us that.