The dutt: from old-fashioned to the red-carpet

Beautiful young woman in a outdoor setting.Before granny hairstyle, then trend-style: The dutt has made a sensational image change in the past few years. Young women have developed it . Now the hair dumplings are awarded to the extremely casual look and so popular that this hairstyle has even found its way onto the red carpet. We want to show you how to make the all-rounder dutt – it seems cool and easy going.

Casual and young – although the bun was formerly regarded as old-fashioned, but now if it exists of, for example, casual screwed or twirled strands bundled to a knot from which a few tips or even strands are dropping out. The hair must look voluminous and should not lie too strict on the head. A slightly rough, not glossy top finishes the match.

Important: The look may not look in any case as if a hairdresser would have styled it for hours, but as we had twisted our hair up quickly.


Give volume powder in your hair and massage it. The powder will be an instant fuller, which keeps everything together in a better way and a textured structure.

Turn the hair on a Hot Curler hair or form it with a curling iron. Then pin it together and allow it to cool. Then comb it out. It will bring mainly light movement and excitement to the hair and leaves the bun and the remaining hair look fuller.

Use U-shaped hairpins for the stuck. The hairpins can sink almost invisible in the bun and secure it better than hair clips (so-called ‘bobbypins’).

With the pointed end of a comb you can style a few loose strands at the temples, ears and the neck.

Put a little styling cream between your fingers and rub it together into the tops of the loose strands and twist them, so they do not ‘fly’.

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