The guide to your jeans

jeansWomen of today are very much fond of jean pants. Because it is comfortable to wear, affordable and easy going .You will hardly ever meet a women who doesn’t like jeans. A pair of jeans is always trendy and it will never go out of style.

There are different types of jeans available for different body shapes. Women jeans are differentiated in four categories such as, cut, fit, rise and wash. Here are some varieties of jeans based on these categories.

Cut jeans:

There are different varieties of cuts found in women jeans .They are straight leg jeans, skin fitting jeans, boot cut jeans etc.

Straight leg jeans: These jeans are always stylish and can suit on every body types.

Skin fitting jeans: These jeans look beautiful on slim bodies. It will not suit on wide hipped bodies.

Boot cut jeans: The legs of these jeans are cut in such a manner that it can easily slip in boots during wearing. Though these jeans look good on all body types , these suit best on women with wide hips.

Fit jeans:

Fit jeans means how a pair of jeans sits at private part area and thighs. These jeans are classified as stretchable, slim fit and loose fit.

Stretchable jeans: These jeans are comfortable and designed to stretch at the thighs and to hide any imperfection of the body. By wearing this stomach looks flat and it is felt tight at the butt.

Slim fit jeans: These jeans give a tight look at the thighs and hips.

Loose fit jeans: If you want a stress free wearing, then chose this jeans. It will give a feeling of relaxation.


Rise jeans means how the pant sits on the waist. These are differentiated into high rise, regular rise, low rise etc. High rise means it comes above the navel .Regular rise jeans sits just below the navel and low rise jeans sits three inches below the navel.


Wash is meant for a specific treatment to lighten or loosen the material. Different types of washes are available such as acid wash, stone wash, vintage wash etc.