The Indian Selfie Craze

The Indian Selfie Craze

More people died in India while taking selfies than anywhere in the world, claims a media report. And why not? Indians have become so crazy at getting the perfect angle against the perfect backdrop that they ended up losing their lives. And the all-crazy equipment ‘The selfie stick’ has accelerated the madness even further. The situation has become so critical that many major cities have imposed a ‘no-selfie zone’ in certain areas.

Here are some major deaths occurred in India while taking selfies :

  • Run over by an oncoming train

Three college youngsters between the age 20-22 were attempting to take selfies in front of an oncoming train. Unfortunately, these youngsters of Delhi failed in their attempt when they were run over by the speeding train.

  • On a treacherous cliff

The Indian Selfie Craze

An engineering student who had no other intention than taking a selfie and uploading it on social media was battered into pieces when the rock on which he stood cracked and gave way to his death. After falling from 60 feet, the student suffered head injuries and died.

  • On the edge of a slippery canal

Clicking selfie with the canal water in the background was the intention of 2 engineering students when they were clicking selfies near the Narmada canal. They accidentally slipped on the slippery canal and were drowned.

  • On the famous marine drive of Mumbai 

An 18-year-old girl was taking selfie standing atop the Queen’s necklace of Mumbai. She tripped and fell all the way down in the Arabian sea.

  • Tripped from a boat

The Indian Selfie Craze

A group of 10 men went for a picnic near a Mangrul lake. Seven of those high-spirited men hopped onto a local boat to enjoy the serene atmosphere. While they were taking a group selfie, all of them were huddled on one side of the boat and the boat tilted. They fell into the water and drowned.

  • Strolling in Bandstand, Bandra

Three young girls who were strolling in the Bandstand area of Bandra weren’t aware of the fate that awaited them. While taking a selfie at the edge of the Rocky area, one of the girls fell and was swept away by the Arabian sea. Witnessing the incident, a man jumped to save her but he was also greeted by death.

Mobile phones and similar electronic devices have proved a boon for advancing life, nevertheless they are a great threat to life if not handled properly.


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