Men and women are completely opposite. Along with their physical features, their thinking patterns, their eating habits, their lifestyle also differs. And lets agree, if women are oil, men are water, if women belong to the north pole, men come from the south pole, if women love shoes, men love sex. However, the coexistence between a man and a woman is what makes life all the more interesting and Funny!

Here are the top differences between men and women :


  • Complex vs Simple

Women are extremely complex while men are simple minded. If men wants something, say a T-shirt, they will get it no matter what but if women wants something, they will think about the pros and cons of everything, if it causes a major change in their budget, if it will look good on them, if it’s worth it etc. And even after they have brought it, they will read the label carefully, try it on several times before deciding to buy and keep on nagging friends whether it’s suiting them. But men.. Naah!


  • Performance and learning

A recent study found out women can outperform Men in the use of language and motor skills until puberty. Boys fall prey to learning disabilities more than girls.


  • Smartness

Male brains are 10% larger than female brains. This does not mean men are smarter than women. However, men are far better in subjects like math and geometry than women. In math, the brain of a 12 year old girl resembles the brain of an 8-year-old boy  But here’s an interesting fact : men have more than 6.5 times the “thinking matter” in their brains than women. While women have more than 9.5 times white matter in the brain than men, the matter that connects various parts of the brain.  This means women have better language skills than men and this ultimately means both the sexes are equally smart.


  • Emotions

Women are better at controlling their emotions. They are also better at determining emotions such as the change in vocal intonation, change in facial features, distracted eye movements etc. Women might be more emotional than men or vice versa. They only difference is, men can hide their emotions better.


  • Organizing skills

Based on my observation, men aren’t as organized as women. Women have their wardrobe perfectly arranged with dozens of branded clothes yet they never have anything to wear. But a men’s wardrobe looks like a stampede and they are cool with wearing a pair of Jeans and shirt for one complete week.  Also while packing their suitcase, a women takes care of numerous things and a lot of time, while for men, 5 mins to pack are more than enough!


  • Memory

Women are very good at recalling events and experiences that are linked to emotions. For eg, women are good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries while men tend to forget it. Men recall events on the basis of a task involved, activities and physical strength involved in performing a task.


  • Thinking

Men and women can reach at similar conclusions and decisions but the process of reaching a conclusion is different. As mentioned earlier, women approach problems through multiple angles. They take advice of friends and colleagues and believe that will give them more help in solving a problem. On the other hand, men tend to separate multiple problems and approach them one by one. For instance, when purchasing a shampoo, women will look at its effectiveness, the aroma, brand, ingredients, design, popularity, reviews, friend’s opinions etc. Men will see the word “shampoo” written on a bottle and purchase it instantly.


  • Spatial skills

Men have better spatial skills than women. They are better at mentally processing shapes, figures and images. For instance, men will determine locations in terms of directions, such as east, west, north, south while women will determine locations in terms of landmarks such as a salon on the way, a jewelry store etc.

Men and women were created equal. Whilst men are good at spatial skills, women have better organizing ability. So it’s pretty much equal-equal!



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Alisha is a journalist from Mumbai. She is a self learner and an voracious reader. Writing and listening to music will never bore her!