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Curriculum vitea or CV! We all have gone through this phase or will go through where you will be ponding over how to start the perfect CV. In this article we will help you create or polish an existing CV. Daily, there are thousands of CVs that recruiters get, and according to studies recruiters spend maximum 30-40 seconds on each curriculum vitea. Therefore, you need to write one which can really impress the recruiters so that at first glance they will not just put your paper in one side to be discarded. Therefore you should make your CV shine and include only the required and most important points so that you may be considered.

Here are five ways to polish your curriculum vitea:

Keep it short and simple

The first way to create an impressive resume is to keep it short. You should avoid giving long description about your qualifications, that is when you are stating your previous job experience , no need to give long and elaborate description about the duties you had to perform rather keep it simple.

Begin your resume properly!

This means that you should write it in a specific order. Firstly you need to introduce yourself, with your name, age and address. Then you proceed with how to contact you, that is your phone number and your email address. Further, you include your academic qualifications, your previous work experience and your hobbies. Finish it with a personal statement where you give the recruiters you a better idea of what you are expecting as a job seeker.

Never lie on your resume!

If you do, they may catch you! Do not try to invent jobs or internships that you never attended, because if ever your recruiter contacts your previous work, and you never attended a job there, it will create a very bad impression. Therefore always be truthful in your resume, do not be shy or feel ashamed if you never worked or did extra curriculum activities. Just be true to yourself and create a good image.

Check your grammar, and spelling

Another way to create a good impression is to have a proper grammar and the correct spelling. Because one small mistake may lead to disqualification and therefore you may lose a job or even an interview. It also helps to create a good image that you are not careless and you have a proper and an effective communication skill.

Include a personal statement!

This is the one thing that recruiters really look forward to. It also helps them to know you and to have an idea about what you are seeking in the job. It also helps them giving you a better placement. It is also a way of analysing your resume and having an idea of what kind of person you are which in the end acts like a micro ice breaker.


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