13 secrets of female masturbation that you did not know!



Enjoyment and soothing, these are the virtues of female masturbation which teaches women to know their bodies, their erogenous zones and mechanisms of pleasure. Female masturbation brings only benefits, and yet it remains a taboo subject, much more than male masturbation. But the time has come to lift the veil on this solitary pleasure…


A practice still taboo

This term comes from the Latin “manus” (hand) and “stuprare” (dirty) … We understand better why this act was considered wrong for years. The Catholic Church still says it is a perversion. Today, manners are released, but women who admit to masturbate are still rare (45% of women regularly masturbate). Guilt, embarrassment? Our education plays a vital role in our sexuality. Some parents forbid their children from touching their sex, thus causing a blockage. What can be fun and pleasure becomes dirty and taboo.

Finding your sexual balance

Many studies show that women who engage in this practice have a sex life more active and fulfilling. Note that the vast majority of women reach orgasm when masturbating. So for those who are resisting: do not hesitate! Masturbating is also the best way to know your sensitive points and to discover your body: the clitoris, G-spot and other erogenous zones. Once you know what you enjoy, it will be easier for you to guide your partner for mutual sexual fulfilment.


Experts use their fingers 

Legs spread while lying or sitting , you have to make your fingers work! Start exploring your vulva with caresses and friction. Spread out the lips (large and small) to find your clitoris, on the front, and use your finger. Tickle your clitoris top to bottom, front to back or make a circular motion to the most sensitive. Determine the rhythm that gives you the best sensations and hold it until orgasm.


Timid girls can use an object 

The secrets of female masturbation

The vagina is deep and difficult to access for your  hands. You can Help yourself with an object. Pillows, blankets, teddy bear, hairbrush handle … Up to you to use your imagination to explore the joys of masturbation. It will be easier if you are lying on your stomach and if you place the object between your thighs by performing a back-and-forth to get a whipping action. Find the pace and pressure that give you the most pleasure.


Lazy girls can use a sex toy

Dildos, vibrator or clitoral stimulator: today it is easy to find your perfect sex toys! Whether you are sitting, lying or squatting, the use of sex toy is extremely simple and incredibly effective! Ideal when you do not want to make any efforts or to reach orgasm in 3 minutes. Using this erotic object will stimulate your clitoris by shaking or by handling it according to your desires. Only drawback: the cold and mechanical contact of these objects. Furthermore, careful not to get addicted like the girls from Sex & the City! Addiction is a real risk.


Sextoys: the trend is fun!

Solo or shared pleasure? Masturbating when alone is not necessarily a compensation for a lack of sex. This is to provide a fun time in itself, during which the stresses are forgotten and where all scenarios and fantasies are allowed. And contrary to popular belief, singles are not the only ones to indulge it. For those who wish to share this moment with their partner, this is the sign of a mark of complicity and trust. Looking at you give you pleasure, he can understand your preferences.


Irritations and masturbation: is it normal to be irritated after masturbated?

The secrets of female masturbation

If all your tests are normal (smear, echoes …), you can be reassured. It is quite possible that your sexual practices are a little traumatic and cause local irritation, head bleeding. Try to be less aggressive to your mucous membranes, they will be grateful and not bleed!


Is it true that female masturbation can lead to hysteria?

No, of course ! This is an old belief which no longer relevant. It also claimed that men who masturbated would eventually become deaf! This dates from a time when the Puritan and religious authorities wanted to blame the sexual act and pleasure.


Is it possible to loose virginity while masturbating?

What concerns you is losing your hymen. It is a mucous membrane that obstructs the entrance of the vagina, and is torn at first sex, sometimes resulting in a small bleeding, evidence of prior virginity.
It is obvious that if the hole that exists in this membrane is forced gradually and without trauma, he eventually widen and bleeding at first intercourse can be avoided.
This can happen through the practice of masturbation with gradual penetration of the vagina or simply by the use of tampons during menstruation.


I masturbate regularly. I am ashamed because I’m still a virgin and I fear that this has an impact on my sex life ?

There is no shame in having to masturbate. That’s good, you have seen that the practice was somewhat rewarding. It is profitable for you to challenge yourself and change your way of living. It would be desirable to turn to others to have a richer social life and relationships. Thus, you will learn the desire of others.
The only impact on your sex life you have is the lack of sex life. This will come in time when you decided to have a more intimate exchange with the person you have chosen and who has chosen you. You will learn that to be rewarding sexual relationship should be underpinned by love. It is a deep form of an exchange and not a masturbation two quickly tiresome.
If you persist in your isolation, with a psychiatrist or psychologist may help, ask your doctor to refer you to someone trustworthy and competent.


How do I know if I have already had an orgasm by masturbating me?

The secrets of female masturbation

Orgasm is an extreme sensation of pleasure. If masturbation does not bring you pleasure, why you masturbate?If you masturbate, is that you feel the need, so some excitement. Our body is educated. The fun and learning is more enriching to both. And if one day you think you’re going, like writing good novelists, “you faint with pleasure” is that you are on track.


 Is masturbation a woman need?

Masturbation is soliciting genitals in order to get yourself an orgasm. It is not mandatory. It is a personal choice. In some people, it seems necessary. It’s up to you.
Masturbation helps to know and control thereafter during intercourse. Thus, one can geéer show his pleasure and his partner what makes us happy. Moreover, this desire maintenance and flexibility of the perineum when in celibacy period. This same solitary pleasure is beneficial because it releases endorphins just like a real relationship.


What about masturbation during the first trimester of pregnancy?

Medically, the cervix is the door of communication with the outside of the fetus, it is recommended not to traumatize him any way.
If the gentle sex is not prohibited, the introduction of objects that may carry germs or cause injury is unwise.



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