The Top 5 media players to Learn.

These days, deciding on the media player to use to play your music and watch videos is just like making a selection of web browser to use. Friends you have around will need to convert you to like their app of choice. But then, before you settle on a particular option, you need to give a try as many apps as possible and pick the best one of all for you.

In the era we are at, different worthwhile media player software apps are busy competing to stay at the top as they continually distinguish themselves. To many people, it doesn’t matter on the particular media player app you choose, but the right one for you is the one you enjoy using. It will depend on the software and hardware performance of your pc to arrive at the one that will work best for you. Herein you will learn more about the top media players that we have in place.

VLC player

This is among the commonly used computer media players by many musics and video lovers. The software app is compatible with all versions right from PC Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The software has been developed with a user-friendly and easy to understand interface. The VLC media player supports all kinds of video and audio formats. The app also provides its users’ playlist feature and screenshots of videos. For more functionality of this media player app, it supports third-party skins and plugins. It is also available in vlc player 64 bit versions. This is an open space platform, and it is in place as free software.


Gom player

This is another choice of people for windows. Users who have tried it can agree with me that it provides a codec service and such an interactive interface. By the service they provide the users, users are capable of downloading codec for formats that may not be supported by the app. The format can be played so that it allows for incredible flexibility for whichever coming video or audio format. This media player also provides its users’ facilities for subtitles, skins, and plugin. This is a software app you can consider trying out.



This is among the best windows free players we have around to be considered at large. It is lightweight software developed with an easy to use and understand interface. The media player app provides its users’ features for subtitles, playlist, and also skin audio filtering, among other features. It has also been equipped with a video capture that helps users take interesting video images whenever they are being played. The software app supports all audio and video formats.



This works only to windows, and it has been proved by many to do best. Potplayer supports all audio and video formats at large. This media player is available to users for free, and it supports codec’s, plugin, and subtitles. It has been developed with controls to even set your watching screen size to the size that will be best for you. It also has an interlacing contrast, brightness, hue, and pack filters to help you reduce any unnecessary noise. This is the perfect choice to window users.



In our list of top media players we have is the MPC-HC. This is an open-source software app that is freely available to all users worldwide. Like the potplayer media player, it’s available to only windows. MPC-HC has been developed to support all video formats without codecs in place. It is among the lightweight media player software apps in place, and it’s available to the 64-bit versions. This media player provides its users several features ranging right from subtitles, skins, video capturing, playlist, audio filtering, among others. Whenever you play your videos and audios with this media player, there will be no case of load time to it.


These are some of the top media players that are widely used for our computers. According to your hardware and software performance, you will make a selection and reach the one that works best for you. Working with the best media player app can be the best thing to provide you the best experience of your favorite videos and audios at large. You need to make the right selection for you today.