The Usual Stages in a Love Relationship

loveStage 1: Romance

According to most couples it is the best time of the relationship. This is the high peak of romance phase when the couple is very excited to be together and nothing matters to them else than being together. A phone call or a text message are a big deal because at this point nothing is more valuable to them than news and attention from the other.

Stage 2: Reality

In this stage of the relationship the couple starts realising and recognising the presence of other people as well as the entire world. This is the phase when you feel your partner as a person in place of a perfect angel.

Stage 3: Stability

After surviving the reality stage, you will become mature enough to make the relationship stable. Now you can manage to stay apart for a while and you will learn to control your emotions and feelings in different situations.

Stage 4: Commitment

To be mature you need a lot of patience and understanding. It is not easy to reach the stage of commitment and practicality. This is the stage when you accept each other and learn to love irrespective of any situation. The couple also learns to be the half of relationship and as the love blossoms; the couple knows the true meaning of love.

Stage 5: Marriage

It is the final stage when you get the greatest reward of a lifetime commitment to stay together in every situation, good or bad. Marriage is the greatest bond of two hearts which unites two souls along with lots and lots of love. Following this the couple will witness the birth of their children and the growth of their own family.


A relationship will be deep and intimate if there is presence of love, caring and sharing. The duration of different stages vary according to the ages of the couples. However these are the main stages in love and relationships.

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Pragna Mohapatra