Things Guys Appreciate In a Girl!

Are you wondering what men adore in a Woman? Do you want to master the art of cuteness and enchant any boy around. Some will say it’s impossible. “Men have different criteria and preferences, what one man will find attractive another one will hate”. Hell no, it is scientifically proven that guys have similar patterns and hate similar things. So here are some fun facts that will help you in relationships, because we all are human beings.

Things Guys Appreciate In a Girl!

The incredible combination.

Here is what most men find adorable: a combination of a child, a grown-up woman, a cool friend, and a bit of mother. In fact, this is what helps you create the ultimate Romance!

Babbly-and-child-like attitude together with a serious approach to life. I don’t want you to be a weather-headed silly girl that swirls her finger around a curl and giggles all the time. That’s just straight stupidity. Be cute instead of silly. Take only best features from a child – a heart of gold, the complete trust, affection and positive outlook. Children are adorable, so are babbly girls. They look like kittens, fluffy and nice.

Girls, who pretend to be busy and high-maintained, look ridiculous and self-centred. At least sit down and be humble. Being a pleasant person is not a shame. Hiding your feelings will not help your image. All of us are children inside.

But don’t bring this attitude to your everyday decisions. Here is what you don’t want to borrow from kids:

Kids are moody and refuse following people’s advices. Don’t take your childish character to the extreme. When it comes to serious situations you will have to grow up in a second. He needs to trust you. Don’t act silly when it comes to your job, chores, meeting his parents and other things that he won’t decide for both.

Be a girl from his schoolboy dreams – sweet and cute, but not immature.


Your feminine side

Things Guys Appreciate In a Girl!

Women are always associated with motherhood. But don’t hurry up in becoming his mother. You want mutual love, not addiction. Don’t school him, read lectures, yell, etc. I would rather suggest you to create a pattern of a cool friend, but a sexier version. You can take your boyish side and talk about common hobbies – music, cartoons, films, literature.

Mothers are associated with someone warm, who sits at home and cooks breakfast, than sends to bed and sings you to sleep. That is the opposite of sexy. You want to impress. Be rebellious, young and wild sometimes.

Your wardrobe is the only thing that has to be on the feminine side. Forget about green nails, bows and mini-skirts. It’s cute for an anime schoolgirl, but bad for your image.


Here is what you want to take from your inner mother:

Things Guys Appreciate In a Girl!

  1. Be inviting. That reminds him of home.
  2. Create a cosy atmosphere. You can tell if a house is kept by a real woman when the things are on the right places, the food is cooked with love and all of your rants are listened to. It’s the place where you want to return for a meal and advice. Women who can’t be responsible for your family well being is hardly a girlfriend.
  3. Be strict, but just a tiny bit. Don’t let your inner child block and praise his mistakes. A man has to understand where he messed up and what the consequences are. But you don’t want to deprive him, create conditions and shame him.


So, let’s wind up:

A positive child with wet eyes and open heart, a sexy woman, a serious person, a cool friend and an inviting mother is what makes the combination incredible. Show all of your sides, and he will never forget your sweet personality!