Things you need to know to win the heart of a Virgo man!

The most critical and detailed of all the signs is the Virgo. He understand the value of hardwork and will get out of almost any situation with an organised mind like his. Very duty bound he values his family friends and loved ones and will go to any heights to protect and secure them. His skills will amaze you and the minutest details that he pays attention to will fill you with awe. Any task you confront him with, you won’t be let down and will always be ready to be there to help those in need. He always has a balanced approach towards every issue and will be very rational with judging things.

Things you need to know to win the heart of a Virgo man!

Communication with him will not be a problem and you can blindly trust him when it comes to solving the most complex problems. Perfectionist is what describes him best. You will find it hard to live up to the standards that he sets. Being an Earth sign, he is well grounded and has the ability to stick to his decisions. He may not express his feelings all of a  sudden, and so he appears unapproachable most of the time.


What kind of a lover is he?


A Virgo man will take time before he can open up to you. Any kind of impatience will spoil all the work you did in the relationship. He is modest. He will take the time to study you well before he can give his heart to you. Nonetheless, he is honest and very caring as a partner. He will always keep working on making things not just better for himself but also his partner as well. Some people may interpret it as too controlling but that is how this meticulous thinker is. He will also work on improving your shortcomings so don’t mind that. He just wants things around him to be better. Even if he criticises you, he does it for your good.


Ask him for help and he will do all that it takes to make you happy. If you are someone who expects your partner to show their emotions then he is just not the type. You will have to trust him when he confesses he love for you, if not often, but he will! They tend to be loyal to the core so you won’t have trust issues. He won’t really go around exhibiting his love for you to the world. PDAs, Social media exposures of his private life is something you won’t find him doing.


What does he expect from his partner?


He likes to have a disciplined lifestyle, having everything in place. Impulsiveness is the most unlikeliest trait of a Virgo man for he is very much in control of his present and the future. He barely lives with regrets for he is so calculated about all his moves. He likes to take well- informed decisions. In a relationship with him, you will have to give him the space to deal with the details like any task he undertakes. He doesn’t appreciate impatience and an impulsive attitude in his partner and will try to ground free spirited people who make the relationship unstable.


He wants you to keep the relationship private just like he does. Responding to sudden changes is difficult for him, so be slow in introducing him to previously unchartered territories so that he can adjust beforehand. It is important for you to be able to communicate well with him so that he knows he standing. He is also detailed about his spiritual life s inculcate of habit of taking an interest so that you can keep him interested with your knowledge. If you have a wild side, he will appreciate that because he knows that this is what is lacking in him.


Zodiac signs compatible with a Virgo:


Libra, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces


Zodiac signs incompatible with a Virgo:


Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries


How is he in the bed?


As much as a Virgo is looking for details in his work place, he will exhibit the same trait in the bedroom as well. He digs neatness and a clean ambience, So make sure you are hygienic. He is pleasure seeking and loves pleasing his partner to the core. He will respect you unless there are other influences on him he is not someone who is experimental in nature. He is well thought of when it comes to sexual acts and doesn’t respond well to unknown adventures. Make sure you have him known of your plans before you decide to pull off a kinky act.


How is he with his money?


He is rarely aggressive and won’t expose his money to any risks. He has his finances well thought of and will have an emergency fund ready for crisis.