Things that married couples never tell!


Is it easy to be married? Do you feel happy with no stress? Or if you had a chance would you go back to singlehood? Strange questions but being married does make you think about them! Most people think that being married or having children resolves all problems. But no one actually talks about the hardships that marriages bring. In this article we will talk about some common issues faced in a marriage life.


Be ready! Before getting married think that in marriage there are two people you need to keep happy. Not only your husband but also your mother-in-law because most of the time she will be the controller. Listen to her, pay attention to her needs and wants; you will live a happy married life.

Having a child do not solve all problems

Another mistake which married couples tend to do is have a child to end all fights. You need to solve your marriage by yourself. Do not put someone else life at stake to save your marriage. If situations are bad try to resolve it between you two.

If you feel lonely, getting married is the solution.

Whenever you feel lonely in life, when you see all your friends married or in a relation do not jump into one. Take your time, solve your own life. Never think or assume that marriage will bring happiness. It can be worse. Because marriage is a big responsibility and if you are unhappy in it, then it is very difficult to come out of it.

Your partner will not always be attractive!

Throughout years everything will change. You must be aware of this. Your partner may lose his charm; he may grow fat or thin or even lose his charming personality. It is important that you really love him.

Love ends responsibility takes over.

In many cases the love you had before or some years after marriage fades away. With time it becomes a responsibility for yourself, your children and the family. So if ever you don’t experience or feel the same love you had at the beginning, do not quite. Do not run away from responsibility.

You will hate him sometimes!

As much as you love him there are times that you will hate him too. Because marriage is not easy to maintain, do not think that it’s the perfect life. Rather it’s the most responsible one. You love him for best and worst.

Marriage is not always a happy tale

Last but not the least never live in the illusion that marriage is always happy, that it will always be a fairy tale. That you will always be smiling. No, it is not the case; rather it’s a balance of both happy and sad times. If depends on an individual to know what he really wants for his life.

Niharika Essoo


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