5 Things you need to avoid before sex!


Sexual desires are but natural in humans. Mutual worshipping of bodies can strengthen relationships. Nonetheless, you need to be careful in order to avoid certain things that can ruin your pleasurable moment and make bad memories. Here are a few things you need to abstain from to ensure your intercourse ends on a pleasurable note.


Stop stuffing your stomach

You should be careful in picking up the right food before you have sex or else you will end up feeling bloated and fatigued. A meal overloaded in gluten, sugar loaded desserts, vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts as well as beans, red meat, cheese, alcohol which have properties of killing your mood and make your experience disgusting!


Refrain from having sour conversations with you partner

Fights between couples are very common especially after the initial spark wears off. But if you have conflicts even before sex, you can be pretty sure it won’t be a nice experience. Even if you think of putting it aside for the time being, it is difficult to get it off your head during the act. No matter how much you try, looking his face will constantly bring up the issues that concern you.


Do not panic or get stressed

It is very important that you relax yourself before sex. This can affect your sex drive. Being stressed will not let your natural lubricant flow which will hurt you while he is penetrating. It can interfere with your performance in bed. If you are anxious, try meditating or speaking to your partner. Take a bath together. Music can be used as therapy to calm your senses.


Avoid being too conscious of the way you look

The internet is filled with women portraying perfect body images. A little too much or less is shamed. This can be a concern for many of us who do not meet the standards all too well. However, try and get the thoughts of not having a “perfect body” out of your mind. Focus on that part of your body which you appreciate.


Stop being monotonous

Following the same routine everyday can kill your relationship. Sex plays a huge role in keeping sparks alive. Avoid functioning robotically. It is very easy for your partner to sense that. Do not have sex just for the sake of it. Try different sex positions and locations to excite him.


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