Things to Remember Before Purchasing a New Gold Chain

Scientifically speaking, gold is a transition element occurring in group eleven of the periodic table. Its Latin name is Aurum from which its symbol Au is derived but then we don’t really want to talk about the element gold. It is not a science class after all! When a lot of people talk about gold, barring the science fanatics, they mean the jewelry form of the element. Throughout history, gold has enchanted many with their natural beauty and radiance. They are treasures and many cultures even believe that gold represents the sun, hence they believe in gifting gold. In a common household, gold is an asset and a woman’s biggest strength.

The most common gold jewelry is a gold chain. An everyday wearable, a gold chain is  a perfect accessory no matter what you are wearing. When you think of buying a gold chain, you are spoilt for choices. With brands going online with their sales or even dedicated jewelry sites which houses brands from across the globe, it is easy to choose jewellery designs in gold with price that fits your budget. But before you go all crazy and end up blowing our bank account on a beautiful ball chain and the rope one which will be ideal for your butterfly pendant, halt and think. You need to be mindful of a few pointers.


  • A plated gold chain will be cheaper and while the plating erodes with time it is useful when you want to have something shiny yet don’t want the risk of damage or theft to hamper your daily duties. Solid chains are made of gold and purer they tend to be more durable and tough. Hollow chains look similar to a solid chain but are way lighter, since they are hollow within, and are more risky to wear. It ’s best to avoid a hollow chain.


  • Minding the karats especially when you want one which will be for everyday use. A 22k or a 20k piece will be less soft and durable as compared to an 18k or a 14k piece. Hence opt for the lesser karat if it is for daily wear.  But, if you happen to be sensitive to nickel or copper, go for the purer form. If you are concerned about the price of karat gold, you can always check online for a 2 gram gold chain rate.
  • Link chains like the mariner or Figaro are considered best for the link type as they are less prone to being twisted and forming kinks. Even if it breaks, being individual links, they are easily repaired. But for pendants, go for box or rope chains as they are flexible and sturdy. Check for the clasps too. In the ideal case, avoid it altogether.



Jewelries have always been a pride of women and men alike. A good trademarked gold chain not only speaks of your status, but it also makes you feel good hence invest some time and check for everything, its purity, its weight, and its price when buying a gold chain.

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