Things you must do before you die


Life is short. Well, not really. People live for hundreds of years and I sometimes wonder, what do they do with their lives. While some have to embrace death at an early age. We will never know when the last breath of our live will escape our nostrils, the kind of death we will meet or who will be with us at the deathbed when our heartbeat will bid farewell to the world. But we do know that at this very moment we are blessed with life and there are thousands of wishes in our bucket list that we wish to fulfilling at some point in our short life. All of us want to experience the smallest and greatest pleasures of our lives yet we don’t know where we must exactly head towards in order to attain that mystifying pleasure. We bring to you some of the most amazing things you must add to your “To-Do” list before you die!

  1. Give someone a heartfelt surprise like cooking while he/she is out, adorning the house with lovely flowers, arranging a candle light dinner, dancing together etc. The happiness that it will bring to both of You will be everlasting and immeasurable.
  2. Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return. We have so many people around us that are in urgent need of help. Bring a smile on their face and help them.
  3. Perform volunteer work at an old age home, a reform centre, an orphanage, a migration camp etc. It will purify your heart and give you innate peace.
  4. It may sound and actually be time-consuming but you should learn a new language before you die.
  5. Go scuba diving. It will be a lifetime experience to see and feel the marine life up close.
  6. Practice the fun-sport skiing. People who live under the continuous exposure of the Sun must go skiing. It’s worth your time and effort.
  7. Go mountain climbing. Have you ever experienced living your life at the edge? If not, you must take a good time out and climb a mountain. If yes, you must still do it! It’s thrilling. Gets all your adrenaline rushing.
  8. Go paragliding. Wohoo! To look at the world from an altitude will be one memorable moment of your life. You will never regret doing it. In fact, you would want to do it again and again.
  9. Dance in the rain. Monsoon is one of the best seasons. You have a lot to do during monsoon. But we don’t really enjoy the season. Instead of dancing and playing barefoot in the pouring showers, we strap on our raincoats and steady our umbrellas.
  10. Pet a pet. Pets are the most adorable creatures in the world. Adopt a cute dog or a cat and look after them. They are your true best friends. You will never get bored of them.
  11. Get a great view of your country by going on a road trip with your friends. It might be tiring but it’s actually fun. Eat in local restaurants, sing songs, rest in cheap motels. Enjoy life!
  12. Plant a tree. You might not fulfill your dream of living for thousands of years but your tree might do it for you. Plant a tree and watch it grow with you.
  13. Changes in life can rejuvenate your spirits and boost confident in you. Bring in some changes in you. Get a complete makeover.
  14. Go on a spontaneous trip with nothing planned beforehand. Pack your bags and set off to an unknown location in an unknown world.
  15. Stargaze all night. It’s so exciting. Period.
  16. Travel alone. Like travelling with your friends and travelling to far off places will give you a quality time, travelling alone will help you know yourself. You will have a lot many adventures all along the way.