Think Different: A new approach to women empowerment by Apple!

The crucial and principal role of women in social and cultural revolution is universally recognized. Empowering women to draw on resolutions and judgments for themselves and for their families constructs an adequate and more monopolized society. It is indeed a matter of great pride and honor that today big technological companies have taken the initiative to not only work as a team for women empowerment, but rather as an important ingredient for the overall success of women and their basic requirements.

Think Different: A new approach to women empowerment by Apple!

Many companies are assisting women to prosper in their careers and they deserve an applause for making tremendous efforts in order to reach their policies to the next level. But that one company which has not only initiated a developmental course towards empowering women, but at the same time has honestly transfigured their interior culture is none other than but APPLE.  It is this sole company which works for women’s rising potency, companionship of female managers and executive’s counselling for women, fixating maximum percentage of female work staff for laying out economical strategy schemes, and incorporation of women in progression planning.




APPLE, has played a significant role in empowering women both in the workplace and at home and the overall company is in the path of supporting its female employees. Today, APPLE,initiates in building effective women’s economic strategies thereby, encouraging to exercise a comprehensive and joined approach in empowering women. It’s a common fact, that women in the technological sector are paid less in comparison to their male colleagues. But a company like APPLE, has eventually sidelined employment injustice, remuneration inequity and opportunities and in return has installed skilled advanced opportunities and exposure to human rights wrongdoing in relation to women. In order to make secure that women essentially meet the requirements for its favor,APPLE empowers female factory employees in order to concentrate on the target of diversity goals. This not only includes improved training and progressive operational performance, but at the same time higher reservation seats for women and upgraded supervised relations as well.



 Think Different: A new approach to women empowerment by Apple!

An employee would like to work for that company who understands and cares about their time. It’s not simply about how many long hours of effort you are bestowing on the company, but in return expecting certain beneficiaries for your hard work. A woman is bound to manage both her household and professional life in order to balance the both with no further chaos. However, there are instances where this fluctuating time analysis brings in a tiff into the relationships. Hence keeping this in mind, APPLE allows the female employees to tune in their timetable without sanction so that they can immediately cater to the needs of ailing parents, children or whatsoever emergency arises in the forefront. The company concentrates more on the work conduct, and not on the spare moment on the desk, so that the female workersfeel more appreciative and contended with their employer.




The very ideology that a corporate sector can be ruled only by mn was proven wrong when APPLE operated women-folk endeavor to shed a dynamic impact on the company. According to APPLE, women should be given the primary stance which will eventually help them to expand their professional paths. A mixed bag of leadership units is more flourishing, so companies that are thoughtful with regard to increasing their business and recruiting women must guarantee that their leadership team involves substantial female leaders.APPLE, assesses how their modes and methods of application as well as business policies can cultivate women’s empowerment achievement for both their female working classes and consumer infrastructure so as to inspire women to observe their own longings, requirements, capacity and potential.



 Think Different: A new approach to women empowerment by Apple!

Subscribing a beneficent paternity leave policy is APPLE’S one of the most powerful ways to express loyalty or rather say attentiveness towards women and running families. While paternity leave is intended for men, it eventually secures working birth mother and children. Furthermore, since this particular notion doesn’t require interference of law, this company executes paternity leave to put on view that an employer is ready to proceed above and further on to encourage and assist equal opportunities, justness and involvement towards women without any discrimination.




There is no denying the fact that most of the companies hires women to create a workplace so that men and women are treated equally. What differs APPLE from other companies is not only registering allegations against prejudice, inequity, intolerance and sexual harassment, but rather building a culture that truthfully adopts equality measures more than ventilating a few factual videos dealing with discrimination. Leadership and authority ought to exercise a disciplinary method of sexism from the corporate institution itself. This means educating female employees about automatic prejudice and intolerance, compassionate sex discrimination and their maladaptive outcomes. APPLE is doing exactly that.



 Think Different: A new approach to women empowerment by Apple!

In order to shape the company’s culture, APPLE has incorporated a fraternity like atmosphere so that women can feel free to come up with their own ideas for a better living towards tomorrow. This initiative undertaken by APPLE, not only provides competitive income and distinctive prosperity to women that will support themselves and their families but at the same time build benevolent working surroundings to empower women.




 Think Different: A new approach to women empowerment by Apple!

APPLE, the world’s most esteemed and priced brand has under taken the enthusiasm to propose freeze eggs for female working staff along with its co-partner Facebook so as to bring in positive health outcomes amongst the female folk. While Facebook will be paying around 20,000$, APPLE have already started contributing benefits to empower women in their own way. The aim behind this fertility protection by APPLE, puts forward the notion that by abolishing and fertilizing their eggs in the twenties, women will have more appropriate possibilities of becoming pregnant once they reach the age of thirties and forties. “This is a major development for women to allow them to balance their family goals with their personal andfamily goals,” says Dr. Michael Alper, who has given a green signal to the initiative with a firm belief that other organizations too will definitely pursue APPLE’S and Facebook’s venture.


“We continue to expand our benefits for women, with a new extended maternity leave policy, along with cryopreservation and egg storage as part of our extensive support for infertility treatments. We want to empower women at APPLE to do the best work of their lives as they care for loved ones and raise their families.”


Some of the policies which have been added as a part of this particular initiative includes elongated parental leave, book learning remuneration for improving the literacy rates and sponsor schoolchild finances in order to cooperate and act as a helping hand to the mother so as to avoid further hindrances while raising up their children and living a well satisfied life.APPLE, concerns genuinely about their female employees and their families as such they are regularly inspecting at the new procedures and approaches the health curriculum can meet their requirements.






. APPLE provides commodity and services that all business trades and users can utilize and manage to support women’s empowerment endeavor and the occupational challenges that women unreasonably have to face.


. APPLE supports employee engagement through interactive lessons, development programs as well as act of assistance interconnected to gender impartiality or differentiation.


. APPLE products can incorporate ways to health and finance as well. Computerized or mobile healthcare can empower women in general to take a sound sense of concern related to their health and wellness, learn valuable health insight and access to well-being benefits.


. APPLE, provides female workers with appropriate and helpful approach to academic lessons so that they can learn about universal and sexual health and share this information with their friends and family associates.


. Online accessible outsourcing method undertaken by APPLE, acknowledges women in almost every corner of the world to make an approach to digital jobs and other variousopportunities to earn a living.





APPLE, is a renowned company and its products are always on high demand. For quite an estimated time period, many APPLE consumers were in a muddle concerning why only a handful of emoticons depicted female human and people of color. To raise the fundamental notion towards women empowerment, today APPLE has updated the latest emoji which interestingly, hints towards a gender biased outlook of incorporating a diverse manifestation of a positive thought of placing women in the priority list.

The users can now witness” more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals.”Emoticons are a component of habitual digital glossary and with 82 percent of girls aged between 16 to 24, using of emoji day after day, it’s actually high time that they be portrayed to reveal more of girl power.

Today women as a constituent of the iOS emoji portrays women in an advanced way for now we can see them not only getting involved with sports but also exercising jobs which until today had only been authorized for male companions. More than men there are now varying options such as female weight uplifting, swimmers, cyclists, basketball, surfing, as well as contemporary employment interrelated emoji for female working person and particular agents. All these clearly shows that APPLE’S initiative is really worth appreciating because through these emoticons not only women are placed next to men, but are also shown performing miscellaneous activities which jibes well with reality for supporting women and converting their dreams and desires into actions.




As a woman, you can take a deep breath of satisfaction when you witness that the raising of your voices and rights to lead a well satisfactory life is given due care and importance. Nothing seems more gratifying when your marginalized position is being highlighted and publicized as an oath to guarantee a secured approach towards empowerment. Yes, I am exactly talking about the CEO of APPLE Mr. Tim Cook, who personally believes that the technological sector previously failed to come up with women’s upright positions and that it’s the time now to employ more women and create a dynamic atmosphere in the company. “I think in general we haven’t done enough to reach out and show young women that it’s so cool to do it and how much fun it can be.” Tim Cook foregrounds the notion of unity in diversity so that both men and women makes a perfect blend in gaining more opportunities without just emphasizing just on the male clan. He also mentions that APPLE, must weave women’s empowerment into the very framework of their company’s day to day life leading to serious discussions, attending the problems of female employees and trying advanced approaches.


Today APPLE is helping women raise their desirous flight of ambitious careers and achieve a competitive outlook along the way.APPLE believes in empowering women not just by means of a mere recruitment policy, but rather incorporating a culture into the workplace to focus on the minute daily needs of the womenfolk and making it big by putting a mark on their rights and positions. APPLE deserves an applause not only because of its success in the technological field but also towards a thoughtful approach towards women and a secured life worth living.