This is what you could do to make him miss you more!

You might be smitten by this man and you find it difficult to keep him off your head. Yeah, you have tried being optimistic about how he feels for you but you still end up wanting and craving more of him. You want him to call you or just text you more often. You sit close to the phone wishing to see his name pop on the screen and talk to you. You never want to be late when responding to his texts. You anticipate his name flashing on your screen all the time.

This is what you could do to make him miss you more!

So what are the ideas that you could put to play that he does that just like you would want it? Now this can be tricky no matter how long you have been together. You might feel like you are intruding into his personal space and he might repel if you do so. You can’t really ask someone to miss you just because you want that. But this is something you need to know: To men, the excitement of a new relationship wears off faster than it is for women. Women are better communicators which is why they tend to give away too much information initially than required. And the results are too obvious.  But fret now, here is where we got you covered.


Be spontaneous


Don’t tell him everything right at the start. I understand you might want to be an open book just do that there is no confusion or fear of being let down later on. But as much as you are tempted to make him feel good by letting out everything about yourself, you should also keep in mind that some mystery is always attractive. You can tell him a few facts and the regular things but let him explore your core personality. Make him experience that and be sure of who you are. He will be keen to know you everyday and miss your presence more often.


Pay him attention


Whenever you meet him, make him feel like you genuinely care about him. Be sincere about what you like about him and tell him what are his best qualities and assets. People deal with a lot of issues that kill their vibe anyway. Make sure you always have something positive to add to their lives whenever you are around them. that is how people remember you and the vibe that you gave off. If you are manage to be someone who enhances his best qualities and supports who he is he will always want you to give him good company. Focus on his strengths and balance out his insecurities. This is the best way to build a strong bond.


Keep your expectations low


Yeah, as much as you would like him to do things for you, make sure you don’t end up pressurising him by dumping all your expectations on him. He will do things when the right time comes. And trust me, guys do make efforts when they see some serious potential. Wait for that if your patience permits. And yes, your intensity of loving him may never equal what he feels for you. So, even if you can move mountains for him, let him do whatever is doable in his capacity. The right things will take their own course when they have to.


Don’t be always available


When you are with someone all the time, no wonder, the value diminishes. If you accept going out with him whenever he deems fit, you only end up giving him too much leverage including letting him decide the course of the relationship and also when to end it altogether at his convenience quite honestly. Hang up the call first before he does. Don’t always receive his call whenever he wants. Don’t meet him too often. Don’t accept last moment plans where you are forced to give up your priorities to cater to him.


Hold your head high

This is what you could do to make him miss you more!

Yeah, you need to keep that confidence burning within you. Whether he responds to these ideas positively or not, you have to maintain your standards and obviously yourself worth. Let his validity not decide who you should be or what you should do with your life. As much as you would lie him pay attention to you and miss you more often, you also don’t want to resort to begging and cribbing to achieve that. Take pride in who you are and, let him see that. If he wants to give you his heart and soul, he will. You are enough. Whether that is with a man or not. Being a woman of worth is attractive. You never know he may just be looking for this streak of confidence in you.

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