TigerSwan and TRC Training Facility Teach People About Special Ops

The world of private security contractors remains one shrouded in mystery. Most people are unfamiliar with how private special ops teams work because they never gained a look inside the profession. The lives of the average person don’t take them to places in which security pros operate. Nor do they need to hire a team of elite responders. Those who want to learn more about special ops and contractors can now do more than read about them. An opportunity to train with the pros allows interested parties to undergo rigorous training. Nothing tells a tale better than first-hand experience. Now, there’s a company willing to provide people with that unique experience.

TigerSwan’s slogan states the company provides “Solutions to Uncertainty.” One way to remove uncertainty from people’s minds involves taking them to The Range Complex (TRC), a tactical training facility located in North Carolina. At the training center, civilians wanting to see how the Delta Force team “rolls” can do so by taking part in many exercises and simulated training sessions. One drill involves rifle shooting training on a target 800-meters away. The enormous distance makes hitting a bullseye challenging. For military personnel, things become much harder considering the rifle expert may sit in the hot sun for hours and hours before attempting a shot.

Other incredibly challenging drills and simulations comprise the training event. A hostage rescue situation plays out and does so in a most realistic fashion. The exercise doesn’t involve wearing a virtual reality headset. Participants ride with a special ops team in a powerful vehicle and perform the extraction. The high-stress situation plays out with an adrenaline rush few ever experienced.

James Reese, the co-founder of TigerSwan, also co-founded the training facility. Opening the facility up to the public appears to be a brilliant idea. Pre-conceived notions about training disappear once civilians go through the course. Reese is a former officer with the army’s Delta Force. He didn’t create TRC solely for the public, either. Soldiers from Fort Bragg Army base train here as well, and the venue represents a serious commitment to instilling survival and security skills.

The critical nature of special ops training helps keep people alive during dangerous military and security missions. TigerSwan stands as a top private security firm providing personnel for service in challenging locations throughout the world. And the company’s operations are global in scope. Personnel for missions in Latin America, Iraq, and elsewhere. Training at TRC develops some of the skills they require for success in the field. And some of the training involves live-fire ammunition. So, skills are necessary.

A short training excursion in North Carolina won’t teach people the full professional and life of a special ops team member or a private security contractor. The brief trainer does paint a picture that could never become clear from reading a book of watching a video. The training is not for everyone, but those willing to participate may gravitate to it. Their perspectives about private security and elite military forces may then change forever.

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