5 Tips to Be a More Financially Independent Woman

Being financially independent is essential in today’s lifestyle. What does it mean? It means taking charge of your life, the ability to earn your living, making your own decisions, meeting new challenges, and having financial security.

If this question crossed your mind at least once “How to become financially independent?” then this article is for you. Times have changed in India, women workforce is increasing, and women are securing their lives by becoming financially independent.

Here are five tips to boost your confidence and become more financially independent:

Planning for Goals:

Goal preparations can be tough and confusing, but once you identify all the long term and short term goals. It will be easier for you to find the right way to achieve your goals without any financial stress.

For example, a child’s education is a long term goal, and buying a car or having a vacation is a short term goal.


Building Savings and Investments:

All the short term and long term plans need savings and investments. Investment planners can help you identify which type of financing you need. If you have savings or investments you can fallback to then you will have a peace of mind in times of distress.

You can also build an emergency saving account, which can help you to be financially independent at times. Monthly saving or investment will help you achieve your goal easier and faster. It doesn’t mean that you have to make high-risk investments like equity but to have a more balanced investment plan like real-estate if your planning for the long term. Cutting back some expenses can also help you save more.

Financial Planning:

Planning your future goals and at what cost you can achieve them can help you in the future without falling back to your savings.

For example, planning for kids, their studies, and their expenses can reduce stress in the future. A clear sense of income and spending can help you in building your financial plan.

Emergencies can hurt your savings too. As we cannot plan for those situations, it is better to start an investment plan can help you financially without depending on others. Many women start their financial planning from a young age so that they can be economically independent of their parents or husband. Financial planning can make you more responsible and can boost your morale.


Change of Lifestyle:

Financial freedom can help you have a healthy lifestyle. You should avoid using debts like loans and credit cards to fund your lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you should stop using credit cards and getting loans altogether.

For example, you shouldn’t get loans for buying electronic gadgets and clothing because this can impact your debt when you need it the most. But getting a loan and repaying in time or maintaining right credit balance can help boost your credit score.

Everyone has their lifestyle maybe you are an impulse shopper or a party person or a gadget lover who buys new gadgets. Considering a change of lifestyle or staying aware of your expenses can help you save even more.


Retirement Plan:

If you are planning on an early retirement getting insurance covers like health and life-term policies should be your priority. Having a retirement plan can ensure that you do not depend on your family or children after your retirement.


I can say for sure that it is never too late to start being financially independent and it is essential, be it married, single or divorced. Remember that getting advice from a  financial planner never hurt. These financial plannings can also help you enjoy without any extra income. Postponing financial planning can weigh heavily in the later years.