Tips for telecommuters to enhance productivity


Some of us simply cannot work under constant supervision of our boss and other times, we need to save money spent on fuel so, we opt to work from home. Working from home has its own benefits but the biggest challenge is working efficiently as there are several distractions at home. You need to learn how to politely tell your relatives and friends to stay away from your work zone while you are working and you also need to make sure your family members do not disturb you while you manage your deadlines.

Here are some productivity tips that will help you in working efficiently from home if you are working from home permanently or on a temporary leave:

Have an office setting:

Do not expect yourself to generate productive ideas or work efficiently if you are using your laptop in bed or on a sofa. You are more likely to fall asleep than to work. You can surely have more comfortable chairs than typical office chairs to sit on while you work and can also get your desk customized. Having a designated work area helps you stay organized and work more earnestly rather than sitting in your TV lounge or your garden.

Set specific working hours:

Do not keep an irregular working schedule. You must set aside work hours according to the time of the day when your output is maximum and your brain functions optimally. This is particularly for all the night owls who feel very active and highly energetic at night. Do not keep on changing your routine as it hampers productivity. You won’t have anyone keeping a check on you so, you are bound to slack off. Make sure that you stay highly focused and do not leave your work zone during designated work hours.

Take breaks:

Constantly working for hours without any break is not a good idea and shuts your brain most of the times. You must take a five or ten minutes break after every hour of undisrupted work and use that time to find out what your kids are up to or make coffee for you. Coffee will help you in increased concentration and fast thinking process.There will be many times during the day when you will be forced to take a break like a surprise visit by a friend or relative and you can always compensate by working for extra hours later on.

Get dressed up:

Do not simply start working without changing into a professional attire. This helps to save you from many embarrassing moments. I remember, once when I used to work from my home and I was wearing my casual top with PJs and I got a video call from a client on Skype. I couldn’t reject the call to change my clothes and I had to take the call. I remember not being able to concentrate throughout the call and felt the client also wasn’t very comfortable talking to me. Furthermore, wearing professional clothes helps you in keeping a professional frame of mind.










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