5 Tips to Rent Apartments in New York City 

1. Wait Until After Summer

During the summer months in New York City college students flock to the city for jobs and living quarters. With increased demand goes increased rent prices. Waiting will guarantee the competition to decline and will afford you some negotiation room. Summer now also means stifling heat for the Big Apple. Who wants to apartment hunt and move in those conditions?


2. Be Aggressive and Prepared

A big tip is to have your deposit and first months rent on hand. Also, ensure that you have references and proof of income readily available. You would hate that the only thing standing in your way between you and that incredible Soho flat is being unprepared. This issue is entirely avoidable with a little research and planning. Utilize the “no fee” apartment sites or guides.

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3. Getting Around the City

It’s easy to get disoriented in a big city. Going the wrong way on the subway is something many people new to NYC do even with a great sense of direction. Just pick yourself up and get on track. Smartphone applications like nycgo.com, mycityway.com, weekender.com, tripplanner.com, gett.com, busbusnyc.com and many more. It helps to plan out your apartment search route with these and other available Android or iPhone apps.

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4. Stick to a Budget

Take a reality-gripping look at what you are willing to spend, make out a budget, and stick to it. Be honest with yourself and research current monthly expenditures such as electric, cable, and renters insurance. Another reality check is old buildings, but this is what gives NYC its character. It’s safe to say that New York City doesn’t have a 3/2 bedroom ranch for 900.00 a month. Another wise tip is a cold New York City is a city full of lower rent prices and lots more choices. So if November is at all possible to hunt rentals in NYC, do it.

5. Use the Real Estate App Loftey

This site helps you get lower rental rates guaranteed. Loftey will also negotiate a lower rent for you because renting through Loftey works on referral fees. When trying to find NYC apartments for rent, Loftey has built relationships with brokers and building. There aren’t any additional charges to take a look at a Loftey associated apartment. There isn’t a catch we just found a way to help people rent apartments in NYC and keep your rent down. If there are any fees associated with your move you can pay them over time.

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