Tips to solve problems in a relationship


A true relationship is incomplete without problems, arguments, fights and of course, love. Lucky are those who don’t get caught up in heated arguments, but those who do, are ten times more luckier. This is because your bond with your partner gets stronger with every fight. Doesn’t mean you will keep fighting over petty issues! The issue over which you are fighting isn’t important than the course of action you take to resolve them. Problems make relationships healthier. Here’s what you can do to save your relationship!

  • Communicate

If you are a Facebook or Twitter lover, you might have come across the famous quote which broken couples often post, “without communication, there’s no relationship, without respect, there’s no love and without trust, there’s no reason to continue!” So the message is clear! If you want a fruitful and a long lasting relationship, communicate with your partner. Talk about the things that went wrong and how you can fix them. Ask him the things he wants and put forward yours. Only then will you be clear about each other’s wishes. Give your thoughts a voice and speak up!

  • Be polite

Speaking up doesn’t mean you will shout at your partner in a fit of rage. Be polite in your speech and decent in your manner. Tell your partner you love him and what is it that’s troubling you. Listen to what he has to say. Don’t look away, or inspect your watch from time to time. Look into your partners eyes and nod to show your agreement.

  • Apologize

Realize that you are not a victim, you have your choices, either to fight back or resolve it. If he has lashed out hurtful words at you, you might have too! Forget whatever he told you and move forward. Apologize sincerely and make sure the same mistake shouldn’t repeat again. The more you live with the past, the more you lose. Anger harms the vessel on which it is stored than on which it is poured. So remember, you are harming yourself.

  • Trust

Be realistic. One problem won’t make the relationship look unworthy. If you were with another person, the probability of having the same argument would have been 100%. Give the relationship another chance. Life is all about taking chances! Be sensitive to the other person’s feelings and don’t lie. In due course, things will fall in place. All you need to have is trust in your partner!

  • Look at the bigger picture! 

If you and your partner are looking for a lovely life ahead, making minor issues a big problem won’t help! If you aren’t married, plan about your marriage, if you are married, plan on having children, of you have children, plan their future. Free yourself from emotional and physical effects of your fight and find ways to improve your relationship. Keep an open mind. Just get over it and try to avoid such problems in the future.

  • Time

If your partner is tired, preoccupied, hungry, angry, distracted, hurt, none of your efforts are going to work. To talk about the persisting issue, pick your time carefully. Meet him where the environment is peaceful, like the garden, and elaborate your concerns. However, respect the opinions of your mate and don’t jump to conclusions.

  • Each one of us is different

Finally, remember that all of us have different reactions to different issues. We behave differently. While you are the gentle and kind one, your partner might me short tempered and stubborn. While you might want to go to a Chinese restaurant, your partner may want to have Italian food! Do not try to change your mate’s behavior. Don’t hold on to your grudges and side step your fight. Point a finger on yourself than pointing it on your partner. Change your “I don’t care” behavior. It is going to give deep wounds to your mate. Whatever it is, calculate your thoughts and words before throwing them into action. Make little efforts and see what wonders they are going to do!



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Alisha is a journalist from Mumbai. She is a self learner and an voracious reader. Writing and listening to music will never bore her!