Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

We don’t even know how and when the belly starts to round up. But getting back that toned slim belly is really not that easy. Frankly, not everyone is active enough to get into the intense workout or go on a diet. Some of us are a bit lazy which makes it quite difficult for us to lose that stubborn fat. So do you really need to do that intense workout and those diets? No, it’s not necessary. Just a little bit of tweaks and changes in your life can help in getting that flat tummy gradually and also help in keeping your body fit.

Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

So here are a few little changes that you have to make time for in your routine to tone that tummy:


Perfect Your Posture

Do you remember your parents always yelling at you to correct your posture while walking or sitting? Well, they were right to correct your posture all the time. Never sit or walk with a hunch because a hunch means a bad posture and that leads to belly fat. So whenever you are driving or sitting just think that there’s wet paint all over your back and so you’ve to keep your back straight and not lean on the chair. That might really help. Maintain a good posture, keep your spine erect so that it helps in improving your breathing and most of all hold those stomach muscles tight instead of letting them loose.



Chew That Food Well

I remember my mother always asking me to chew the food properly before gulping it down the throat and I know everyone might have heard this from their elders. Chewing the food well means avoiding the unnecessary bloating. We all know that digestion of food depends on the food we eat and it starts with the process of chewing. Chewing the food means your digestion will be good and not to mention you’ll avoid the unnecessary bloating and gastric problems. So remember chew before you swallow.


Plank It Out

Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

I m not going to lie here and tell that doing a plank is as easy as having food, no, it’s not at all easy. Only a person who has done a plank will understand how hard it is to do that one minute plank. It is tough but it’s going to get easier gradually as and how you go on doing it. Our recommended abs exercises. Start it by doing it for 30 seconds and increase it for a minute and so on.


How to do it:

  • Position yourself by lowering your knees and elbows to the ground
  • Align your neck with your spine and look forward
  • Lift your knees up and support your legs on the toes
  • Contract your knees and keep breathing.
  • This is the plank pose

Give Green Tea A Try

Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

Green tea is high in anti oxidants and anti oxidants help in reducing the belly fat so that’s why it might be helpful to you. But remember that you have to take it on an empty stomach. While you prepare it add grated ginger to it as it will help in keeping you away from gastric problems and also prevent bloating. Try to drink it without any additional sugar to it and if you find it difficult to drink it just like that then switch to honey that too only one spoon. Avoid sugar intake as much as possible.


Say No To Sugar

Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

You know where all that sugary food and processed food is going? straight to your tummy, of course. We all know how hard it is to say no to that sugary doughnut or that piece of cake but it is necessary for you to give up on sugar if you really want to tone your tummy. If you can’t quit it all together then reduce the intake gradually. Substitute sugar with honey, jaggery or cinnamon. Don’t take extra sugar on anything. Change your food intake to the items that have natural sugar like fruits. Also include food that has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties like sprouts, vegetables, fruits etc that can prevent your tummy from bloating.


Eat At This Magic Hour

The time between 3 pm to 4 pm is considered to be the magic hour. In this magic hour, you have to make a point to eat food that is rich in protein. It maybe any of these dishes and items- tuna sandwiches, eggs, nuts, low-fat dairy products, soy etc.  Just make sure you at this period of time because eating at this hour helps in speeding up the metabolism. It will also help in keeping balanced sugar levels. To keep a check on the sugar levels you can also eat every three to four hours in small quantities.


Break Up With Salt

Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

You have to cut back on salt intake. Too much of salt will retain more fluid which means it will lead to extra water weight and contribute to the bloated appearance of your stomach. In fact eating too much of soya sauce has the same effect as the intake of salt. The more salt or soya sauce you consume the more you are at the risk of bloating. Go for alternatives like pepper, lemon, tomato sauce or tobacco etc. You can also switch to natural sea salt from traditional table salt.  That’s why it’s time you bid good bye to that extra pinch of salt on your salads and other dressings.


Punching Or Kickboxing

Practicing punches in the air or kickboxing is a good option for the people who want to tone their stomach. You need to strengthen your core and muscles and that’s why throwing punches or kickboxing is necessary. You can also try weight lifting to tone the stomach and abs like a pro. It will help in burning calories and shape your tummy. You do not need to do it daily but just thrice a week. You can do it for 15 minutes only.


Find Out Whether You Are Lactose Intolerant

Many people are lactose intolerant and they are not aware of it. The people who are lactose intolerant can go through various health problems if they consume any dairy product. If lactose intolerant people consume dairy products they will feel uneasiness, gas, stomach pain and the main thing it does is lead to bloating. So it is necessary for you to find out whether you are lactose intolerant which might be the possible reason for your bloated stomach. Henceforth you can avoid lactose products altogether.


Skip The Soda And Alcohol

Tone Your Tummy With These 10 Little Changes That Are So Effective!

Do you know where all the sweet sugary syrup from your carbonated drinks is going? And where that fat from alcohol is going? I think you know the answer already. In order to avoid all these drinks from ganging up in your belly ditch them. Swap those soda drinks, diet sodas, alcohol with water or sparkling water and you are good to go.

I hope these little changes will help you in toning that stomach. Do not forget to do these with a hearty smile on your face because if you are doing it forcefully it isn’t going to be effective. WomenNow recommended exercises for abs.

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