Top 10 Concealer hacks you need to know!

From the world of Kardashians and Jenners, to the various other corners of the world the concealer trend is rising like a ‘Boom’! For many of them, who don’t really know what a concealer is, you should know by now that it is a prime essential when comes to makeup. Many times, even after dabbing that ton layers of foundations, we still don’t feel satisfied enough with the coverage. That’s when the concealer comes to rescue.

Top 10 Concealer hacks you need to know!

A concealer or also known as ‘Color corrector’ is primarily used for masking any kind of dark spots, blemishes, age spots, large pores and other pigmentations. It’s commonly used on certain areas such as under the eyes, inner corner of your eyes, sides of nose, your marionette lines, under your bottom lips and so. These areas tends to darken a bit, thus concealer helps in hiding the pigmentations and any marks and thereby providing an even coverage and flawless skin.

Apart from above major uses mentioned above, concealer has few best hacks when it comes to makeup. It can be used in various other ways.


For a voluminous lips

Top 10 Concealer hacks you need to know!

Take a small amount of concealer in a thin brush or an angled brush, then line and blend the outer edges of your lips with concealer first and the apply your lip liner or the lip stick. You can also dab the concealer on your entire lip area in a small amount. This helps in preventing the lip stain from bleeding and makes your lips pop and plump.



For a sharp eyebrow

Top 10 Concealer hacks you need to know!

Blend concealer above and below your outer eyebrows with approximately one shade lighter than your skin tone. This will make the eyebrows look sharp and shaped.



Prime your eyelids


Dab certain amount of concealer on top of your eyelids, and then apply your eye shadow. This hack will help your eye shadow from falling off and prevent from settling into your creases.



Hide puffy eyes

Top 10 Concealer hacks you need to know!

So, if you get up late or didn’t have that sufficient sleep last night and in a hurry, just take some amount of that concealer, mix it with an eye cream and a highlighter. Apply this to your puffed up areas near your eye and the result is amazing. So, no more puffy eyes.



Dense Collarbone

Top 10 Concealer hacks you need to know!

So if you are dying to wear that off shoulder dress for an event, but you know you don’t have that defined and the perfect collarbone you wish for, so girls, concealer is your best friend. You just need two shades of concealer, one darker thank your skin tone and one lighter. Use the lighter shade to conceal the outward protruded area of the collar bone and the darker shade to conceal the inner part of the collar bone. After blending it well, it gives an illusion of an intensified and defined collar bone.



Replace foundation

When you ran out of your foundation or when you don’t want that heavy coverage look but at the same time want some tint to your face, then make the best use of your concealer. Take a moisturizer and mix a small amount of concealer to it. Apply it all over the face and the areas you want to apply. It just brightens up the skin immediately and at the same time keeping it moisturized.



Contour the features

Instead of a highlighter and a bronzer, you can easily take two different shades of concealer and do your job easily. So, choose one or two shades lighter than your skin tone and one or two shade darker than you skin tone. So the trick is, the areas that naturally catch the lights are supposed to be concealed by the light shade concealer and the shadowed areas should be concealed by a darker shade. The blend all the shades in order to get rid of any harsh lines. This will enhance the feature and in short, you’re contouring and highlighting is done by just using a concealer.



Different concealer tone hacks

Not necessarily, a concealer of your skin tone or a shade lighter or darken can hide the existing blemishes or any kind of pigmentation in your skin. So, what do you do in that case?
Relax girls, concealers come in various other colors too, for example; pink, peach, orange, yellow, green, etc. In case you have any bruise marks or any bluish tone or circles in your skin, then the pink or peach concealer comes to rescue. In case you just had a pimple on your face, it’s just red, just don’t worry! In that case, the green color helps in hiding the red spots and blemishes. Also, if you wake up with that scary dark under eyes and you don’t want to go out because of it. Just get ready and the yellow to orange concealer can be a magic to your under eyes. It results in an even skin tone. Don’t just forget to blend and do apply a foundation on top or a BB cream to cover the entire concealing.

You are nowhere far away to get that perfect look; all you need is to try these hacks. Be picture perfect and presentable.


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